• i got dial-up so i connect my ps3 through via a patch cable to my pc and use ps3 proxy to install demos.

    i installed lost planet because i wanted to test it out to see if its a buy(like resistance) or a bust/pass(like stuntman:ignition).

    but lost planet was a online only demo so i couldn't test it out. i just wanted to know what other demos are online only too?

    is the new battlefield bad company demo online or offline?
  • Most times if a demo is online play only it will say so in the description. At present I think the Dark Planet demo may be the only one.

    Sounds like it is time for an upgrade to broadband! B)
  • yea i wish i had broadband but i have to wait, atm the only company offering is Eastex Net - Services
    but they are too high for that speed.