Internet Connection Problem. Please help!
  • I live in my college dorms and i have wired connection for my computer. Everytime i unplug my Ethernet wire out of the computer into my Ps3 it never seems to work. Yet it works fine for the computer.

    WHen i set up my Network settings. It just says that it found my IP address but failed to connect to the internet. Ive tried taking out the wire and putting it back in and ive tried making a new online account but since my wire wont connect to the internet than i cant make another account to use. I really dont know what to do. Please Help! :confused:
  • Meredith, you will have to talk to whoever manages the connection at the dorm- usually these connections are buttoned down pretty tight. You will likely need certain info such as the DNS Server addresses to add into your PS3's network settings and they may need to open certain ports in their firewall to allow proper play on the PS3.
  • I figured that. I put these in the DNS servers though.

    Primary DNS
    Secondary DNS

    And it fixed that internet problem but now it is saying ive failed to connect to the Ps3 Network. (80710A06)

    Is there any way around this or a way to fix it?
  • That will require opening the ports, which will need the assistance of your dorm's IT people. You are getting that message because the data from the PlayStation network is being blocked by the security your college has in place.
  • Okay. Thanks for your help though.