Legend of Mana on PS2
  • I'm playing, well trying to anyway, play a long favorite game of mine, Legend of Mana created for the PS1, on my PS2. I have a PS1 memory card and I can get the game going, but it quickly gets stuck in a loading screen, like it freezes.

    I tried waiting before. It was over a half hour when I gave up.

    Is there something wrong with my system or my game or is this just some weird thing I can't fix?
  • The problem may lie with the disc. Check the underside for any dirt/ scratches. If you see any dirt, fingerprints, etc. take a soft cloth and gently wipe it from the center out to the edge- don't follow the grooves. If scratched up you may need to get the disc resurfaced- local game stores or stores that sell used movies/ music CDs may have this service.
  • Thanks. I'll try it.