Mod Chips, Piracy, and APi
  • I noticed our policy on mod chips and piracy isn't as easily accessible as it used to be.

    Below is our official policy towards piracy, written orirignally by Lyndon M Staff:

    As many of you here no doubt know,API is completely against the piracy of video games.I've been asked to expand on why this is.

    Lately there have been several threads asking about "mod chips".What these are are microchips that,when installed properly,enable your game system to play game discs from other markets (example-Japanese PSOne discs in a North American system).Unfortunately,these chips also allow gamers to use copies of games in their system as well.There are a few reasons why we do not condone this.

    First off,we realize that game companies put a lot of time and money (at times not enough :lol: ) into the making of video games via advertising,salaries,packaging,shipping,etc.Quite frankly,it takes a lot of $$$ to produce these games.Our view is these companies should be compensated for their hard work.If you like a game enough,go ahead and buy it.The profits made on game sales go in part towards research and development of future games.

    Secondly,making copies of games is illegal-no ifs,ands or buts.The software license agreement with console games only allows the use of one copy of the disc,that being the original that was purchased.By buying the disc,you also have a 90 day warranty (it varies sometimes from company to company) against defects-if the game is defective,the game company will replace it.By using copies,you deprive yourself of this option.Most newer games these days have coding in them that can detect the chips and,when inserted,will refuse to play in that system.

    Third,using a chip can shorten the lifespan of your system.We have seen proof positive of this.So,instead of a great game system,you may be left with a $300 doorstop.

    So,for these reasons,we ask that members please do not talk or ask questions about mod chips and copying games.Anyone who continues to promote the use of chips and copied games can soon find themselves suspended or banned from the forums ( as well as possibly in legal hot water with game companies-we do have people involved with them looking in on the boards from time to time ).

    Thanks to all that read this and hope you continue to have fun around the forums!
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