• I have fastaccess DSL. I am trying to hook my ps3 (wired connection) to my D-link EBR-2310 router. I am having some major problems and am in need of some assistance.

    For some reason when i am trying to connect my ps3 up to my router it will not work when trying to connect to the internet. I have followed all of the instuctions and put in the imformation correctly into the internet connection settings. I finally got it to obtain an IP adress and everthing seemed to be going good. It told me to update the system software and this is where it became a problem. When i started the update it wouldnt go past 3%, it comes up with an error saying, "An error occurred during the download operation. A connection to the server cannot be established. (80710723)"

    I am new to all of this and do not really understand how to work and find out things. Can you please help guide me through this problem so I can get my ps3 connected to the internet.
  • Sounds like you may need to open certain ports in the router's port forwarding and maybe add a setting in the router's DHCP Client List. Fortunately I was able to find an emulator on D-Link's site so i should be able to guide you step by step.

    First, let's do the DHCP bit. Once you log into the router settings on the computer click the Advanced tab along the top and then click "Network Filter" in the menu along the left side of the screen. In the menu at the top select "turn mac filtering on and allow computers listed to access the network". Now, in the first blank type in the MAC Address of the PS3- you can find this by going to Settings/ System Settings/ System Information on the PS3. Once you have that typed in click the Save Settings button up above (you may want to do this for your computer as well).

    Now, click on the Port Forwarding button on the left. You'll see a variety of blanks here- don't worry, we'll only need the top row. Before we start here, though, you may want to look up the IP address given to the PS3. You should find this over in the Status tab (look down to LAN Computers and find the one that matches the PS3's MAC Address).

    Once you have this go to the Port Forwarding page and click the check box at the top of the list. Now, type "PlayStation Network" (minus the quotes of course) in the Name blank and type in the IP address of the PS3 in the IP Address blank.

    You should be able to leave Application Name and Computer Name as they are- i did notice they have PlayStation 2 in the application list so you could try that if you like. Now, you have the TCP and UDP blanks. The ports that the PS3 needs open are these:

    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070, and 50100

    Enter in the ports exactly like that, commas and all. Leave the last little menu showing Always and hit the Save Settings button. This should let your PS3 through to get updated as well as let you get going with the online gaming.
  • Ok I did exactly as you said for the first step but when I try to save the settings the page wont load and for some reason the router just stops having a connection to the internet completly. I reset the router twice and tried repeating the steps but it seems to continue to do the same thing everytime. im not sure what exactly to do because it doesnt seem like its going to work. Is there any other way to do it?
  • That is very odd- there is no reason why this should have acted this way. This is a somewhat basic procedure for allowing systems to go online through the router.

    It's possible the router may need a firmware update, which you can find over at D-Link's site as well as how to use it.
  • I checked the website and I seem to already have the latest update.
  • I would say it is a problem somewhere in the settings between the router and the PS3. Test your internet connection on the PS3 (go to network settings- connections and see if there is a connection). If there isn't, then it means your router is not allowing your PS3 to go online and we can try and help you with that. If there is, it's a problem with the settings somewhere along the line which we also would be able to help you.
  • Ok....the light shows that the ps3 is connected to the router when I plug it in. But as soon as I try to check the connection or do anything that deals with the internet like network settings or anthing the light shuts off and there seems to be no connection what so ever.....
  • Hmm... might be having some sort of conflict with IP addresses. Let's try something else here- putting the PS3 into the router's DMZ (demilitarized zone). This will put the PS3 outside of any protection it may get from the router's firewall (perfectly safe, there's nothing out there to harm the PS3 by doing this).

    First, go into your PS3's network settings and add a specific IP address in- this will be the address the PS3 goes by to the router. make the last numbers high enough so there won't be any interference ( should work). Once you save that go back into the router settings and click the Advanced tab. Now, click on Firewall Settings on the left side.

    In here you should see a spot called DMZ Host. Check the box to enable this and put the IP address you gave the PS3 into the blank. Once done save the settings and see if that helps.
  • add a specific IP address in????
    where do i do this?
  • In most routers you can set this in the DHCP Client List. I'll have to do some more digging around that emulation i found to pinpoint it for your router.
  • where exactly do you want me to add the IP adress on the ps3?
    I went to network settings now what do I do?
  • When it gets to where it asks you about IP Address it should give you the choice for "easy" or "custom". Choose custom and set the IP address somewhere within the range your router hands out ( perhaps). You should also set the other info if possible (router Ip, subnet mask, dns servers). This is found on the Status tab of the router settings.

    I did some more looking through the settings and it looks as if you can't set custom IP addresses within the router itself (a bit off from the usual). So, we will try putting the IP address set for the PS3 in its settings into the router's DMZ.

    Once you have this in go into the router settings on the computer and click on the Advanced tab, then down to Firewall Settings. Check the box that says "enable DMZ" ad put the same IP addres you gave the PS3 in the blank. In the menu beside it you should be able to find the name the router is calling your PS3- select that. Now hit the Save Settings button.

    If this works your PS3 should pass the connection test and you'll be online.
  • Where do i get the primary and secondary DNS at cause I didnt see it under the router settings.
  • Click on the Status tab and you will see them listed in among the information.