red dead revolver
  • red ded revolver is my favorit game (hence the name) but i can not beat the level where ur the general and u have to destory the cannons how do i beat this level? plz help me. thanx
  • Is it possible you can give us the name of this level...?
  • um.... hold on i think the traitor
  • Use the Flare Rifle to destroy the cannons. Press R1 to aim, then press R2 to ready a flare, then R1 again to shoot. There are 8 cannons in all- once 7 are destroyed a cutscene commences and you will continue to the last bit of the mission.
  • i know but i lways get killed how do i keep the guys u work with alive they always get shot in the head
  • Check your Inbox, General Red. My reply to one of your PM's has the answer to this question for you in there...:)