Ps2, The Noisiest Console Ever.
  • Is there any effective way of reducing the noise of the fan (without causing it to overheat and burnout) ?

    I gotta say that this is the most annoying thing about the PS2 its so frigging noisey. I'm always increasing the volume on my TV, which is fine -but when i'm using it at unsocailable hours its not too good. Any ideas folks ?
  • I haven't noticed any more noise from mine than I do from any other game system I've owned.Maybe you should get the system looked at.
  • Maybe you should try to clean out the system vents with condensed air or somethin.
    My ps2 console was making quite a bit of noise until I tried that and yes it is quite annoying as hell i must agree!!
  • SHhhh, don't say those things about my PS2, you'll hurt her feelings :unsure:

    Just get a vacuum cleaner, put on the nozzle thingy, and vacuum the fan area at the back and the vents at the front (next to the usb ports). While your at it, you might as well vacuum the tray and any other parts that gather dust.

    A clean PS2 is a happy PS2 :)

    PS. It's also a good idea to keep the PS2 on a hard surface such as a wooden coffee table or cabinet while playing. Having your PS2 on carpet will cause it to overheat after hours of play - and yes, it DOES overheat. I didn't think it was possible, but it does happen.

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  • The noise is probably just the engine of the ps2.Like Killa said just vacuum the dust off the ps2!!
    A clean ps2 is a happy ps2!! When I bought the ps2 I thought it was pretty
    noisy at first, but then I just got the hang of it and for got about the
    noise. Hope you get the problem fixed!!!
  • If none of the cleaning tips that were given to you work then i would recommend taking it back and getting a new one(if it's still young enough) or sending it to Sony(last choice). The cleaning should work though as alot of dust builds up in the ball bearings of the fan and causes friction which causes the fan to overheat and it has to work harder to do the same work it did before. This taxes the power supply which then could cause that to overheat and well, it's like dominoes and you don't want the last one to fall over before you get this fixed. I will close this thread because your choices on this are all listed within this thread. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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