Prince of persiaproblems
  • I'm in the underground reservoir and I I've jumped around all over the place but I don't know where to go further.I'm stuck.Thanx for the help!
  • Climb up onto a ledge to your right to start this area and keep walking right until you come to another ledge jutting out of it- climb down and go onto this ledge. You'll soon come to a cross- ledge, make a left here. Continue in this direction and eventually make a right turn. When you get to the end you will find another ledge to climb. Walk to the middle of the bridge and jump to the rope, swinging to another ledge. Walk left from here right to the end. head straight across the bridge and you have two more ropes to swing from- make sure of your timing for maximum distance. From the second rope you will jump to an orange cavern, where you will deal with some booby traps.