The Fall Of The COD4 Reign..
  • Along with the vast majority of PS3 owners, especially the members of this forum have owned Call of Duty 4 pretty much since it was released toward the end of last year. We have played and played. Some of us until we formed blisters on both hands and went to bed with countless images and sounds flashing through our minds as if we were in the game itself. Even though my time on the PS3 is limited, I managed to get half way through the prestige's (the potato head looking one). I find that lately my dedication to the game has declined quite a bit. Mostly due to the countless "Host has ended the game" and repetitive game play. The release of the map pack was great and all but even those are getting old now. I don't want you to take this the wrong way. I love the game. I suppose I'm just getting bored with it. I also believe that MGS4 will take over. After that, SOCOM:Confrontation.

    I'm curious about other peoples opinions on this.

  • I'm sort of starting to think the same way i love call of duty and i never hammered a game as much as this but with all the messing with the host etc it gets a bit tiring i was looking forward to haze but people arn't giving that good reviews and then i thought bad company might be my next FPS but no,after playing the demo it's just like a cheap version off COD4.
    so may be it will be MGS4 not to sure about that one either but socom ive always been a big fan of so i hope it lives up to my high expectations ;)
  • I rely on reviews of games to decide if I purchase a game or not. You are right about HAZE though. Even the copies to rent are never off the shelves.
  • Most games will peak and fall within a year online, new games (especially multiplayer FPS's) will always come out and take all the players off the previous 'king'.;)

    I think this is good though, i mean we cant play the same thing 24/7 no matter how good it is. We have to be open to different things and different ways to get entertained, even though ranks etc have made the longevity of most games very long we still gotta move on i'm afraid Nec if the new game's are there..:) My thoughts on battlefield were: i was very impressed, i thought it was the most realistic war game yet and i had a lot of fun. This is the new CoD4 in my opinion...:)
  • Ive just starting playing it online, but the timing issues are really getting to me, there is some of it on all games but this one seems worse, talking about times when you shoot somone, and they shoot at u too, but they kill u because somehow the game was running a half second ahead on their ps3, not just talking about host issues either as it happens with different characters. other than that its still entertaining, although i hate hardcore and free for all, as it just takes to long to find someone, and is more about being cautious than how can aim faster.
  • I personally play Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Online as I dont have COD4 and think it is not worth getting since i still enjoy R6V2. I am waiting for MGS4 to be deiliverd and will switch to that most prob.