PS2 problem with controllers
  • although this is my first post, i have a question to ask.

    since yesterday, all of a sudden, the "relationship" between my PS2 console and PS2 dual shock controllers has gone bad.

    when i put PS2 game in, and have PS2 controller connected, everytime it seems as the dircetion button (right) is pressed down. for example, when i start grand turismo 4, at the beggining of the race, car wheels are turned all the way to the right so it's impossible to drive ... this happens also when i try to play GTA4 with my character running circles to the right.

    at first, i thought my contoller broke, so i got myself new PS2 controller and an old PS1 controller.

    same thing keeps happening with new PS2 contoller, but when i connect PS1 contoller everything is ok. so, there's something wrong with dualshock2 controller system.

    i ran out of ideas, so i was wondering if anyone around here could know the answer to my problem.

    every advice is highly appriciated!


  • Sounds like a problem within the controller port itself. Possibly a loose/ broken wire or something along those lines to make the system think the right direction is constantly being pushed with the DualShock 2 controller plugged in.

    Unless you are very handy with electronics repair your only option would be to call Sony's tech support and they will fix/ replace your PS2 for a fee (I'm guessing you are out of warranty) of about $50-$80.
  • thanks for your answer.
    i just don't understand why PS1 controller works in normal way, but PS2 controllers don't. can PS2 console make a difference between those two controllers?