Diablo Ps1 Version
  • Seen Diablo mentioned a few times and I'm thinking if it's worth buying. I've read a number of reviews but it's too much of a mixed bag to get an overall picture.

    Any suggestions folk??? ;)
  • I didn't like the PSX version of the game as much as the PC title. It's hard to get your bearings, the graphics(obviously) suck, the gameplay is slow, and to sum it up, i would not recommend this game to buy or even to rent. In the end it is your decision but if you go by what i say, you will not want to get this game for your PSX. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Madhtr,
    thanks for the advice :D Got a feeling it'll be much the same experience I had with the PSX version of Darkstone. How would you compare it with Darkstone in terms of gameplay/graphics etc :huh: ?
  • I think it plays and looks better than Darksotne did. I couldn't play Darkstone very long before it got monotonous to me. i think that if you could play Darkstone then Diablo may be an ok game for you but in no way will you be saying wow this is great or...anything to those effects. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Great advise Madhtr,
    I did get through Darkstone and erm well even enjoyed it a little, probably because I wasn't expecting it to be in the same league as say Vagrant Story. Might give Diablo a whirl if it's a better game than Darkstone.

    Thanks Mad :D

    Well I'm off home for the weekend folks. Have a good weekend all... Better catch my bus ;)
  • Diablo is an RPG and I think you could buy it like madhtr said about the graphics they really suck but I think that the gameplay is good I liked it a lot and it is hard also it is bad that when you battle you don't get like into the other space(I cant explain it by words I mean when you play FF and get in battle) So buy it ;)
  • Parasite, you explain it by saying that Diablo is an Action RPG while the FFs are just a straight RPG. Darkstone resembles this title alot so he knows what he's getting if he buys this which is still a good idea because it's better than DS. Thread closed since Digger made up his mind. Oh, and have a great weekend. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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