Ratchet and Clank, Kalebo III Hoverboard Race
  • At the risk of being asked if I would like some cheese with my whine, I ABSOLUTELY CAN'T beat the race! I am a terrible racer and even after all the hours I've spent trying to win this race the best I've done is 5th (after I blew up a racer). I guess I won't be able to continue the game without the Hologuise (or whatever it's called) so is there any other cheat or whatever out there besides the standard "pull off tricks and 'just' hit all the boosts and take all the shortcuts..." (easy for them to say). Or will I just have to find a youngster to do this part of the game for me (horrors). Thanks for any help you can give me (even sneaky and unsportsman-like). Nancy
  • Gad, I had quite the time with this one too when i first played it. Definitely one of the more frustrating sections of the game.

    All i can suggest is build up as much speed as possible and use the missiles to take out the first place finisher when possible. Make sure you hit all three arches at the end of the lap to open up a shortcut to your right. Also, don't bother with that second ramp at the start, it'll just make for more of a lap time.