a question re: a specific cheat
  • Years ago, maybe Madden '02 or '05, I accidentally discovered the ability in "create-a-play" to lateral from a running back to another in-tandem running back, or from a downfield receiver to another ball carrier, in effect creating either an OU-type option off-tackle or outside run... or a hook-and-ladder pass play. Of course being in my dinosaur years now ( I'm 63 ), I've forgotten how to do this, but with Madden '09 for PS2 ordered, I was wondering if...
    a.) is there a Madden cheat to make a lateral
    or--b.) is there a button combo to effect this move
  • We do not have any cheats at this time for Madden 09. Being a very new game, it may be quite a while before codes start surfacing for it. Maybe post back a while after you get the game, and we may be able to help you some more....:)