lego indiana save help :(
  • every time i save my game and turn off my playstation and later turn it back on my save file is corrupt and i give up y those the file go corrupt ? (p.s. i have a ps3 but the ps2 version of the game)
  • This is the only PS2 game this happens to? Might be a compatibility problem due to the software emulation (I'm guessing you have the 80 GB system). You may want to consider getting the PS3 version instead- if the store won't take the PS2 version back you could always sell it to a friend with a PS2 or eBay it.
  • no i have the 60 gb sytem
  • Same answer applies. It may be a problem with the software emulation and therefore it would be easier just to get yourself the PS3 version.

    This may be worth a shot however, are you sure your saving in the right area. To create the saved data for a PS2 game you need to assign the Internal memory card to Slot 1 first, (press the PS Button and follow the relevant prompts). This may be the problem...?
  • Hmm...might be a problem with the virtual save card you made then. Try setting up a new virtual PS2 card and use it to save progress.
  • ok yeah i tried tht already but i didnt want to delete my virtual memorycard because i have many ps2 games saved on it its cheaper to buy ps2 games:cool: money saver $o$
  • The PS3 version wasn't that much more, ya cheapskate! :p :D

    You don't have to delete your other virtual card- you can make as many as you have space for on the hard drive. Just make another card and assign it to slot one- if that doesn't change anything then the problem is a slight incompatibility with this game and the PS3's virtual card system.