Can I Leave My PS3 On?
  • Hi. I'm wondering if it will harm my PS3 to leave it on for a day or 2. Normally I turn it entirely off, but when I've struggled through a segment of a game (namely Ratchet and Clank) but haven't gotten past a difficult part, I leave the game turned on, change the input on the TV so my husband can watch regular cable that evening, and then get back to the game at the place I left it in the next day or two. Since being left on is drawing down the battery on the controller, I also connect that to the USB cable until I start playing again. Will this hurt my machine or wear down my battery on the controller sooner? Thanks for any responses. Nancy
  • There's no problem with leaving the system on- heck, mine's on almost 24/ 7 doing the folding@home when I'm not gaming on it.

    If you do plan on leaving the game in progress, what you can do is just turn off the controller. Hold down the PS button and you will see that option at the bottom of the menu- no more battery drain.
  • Yep, Lyn's is on for weeks/months at a time. I leave mine on for 2-3 day spells at a time doing Folding@Home too, there's no problem at all with doing this.

    One thing to keep in mind though is to have your PS3 in a well-cooled/well-aired environment (not closed spaces where it gets hot). Even though the PS3 has a top-notch fan it is still wise to keep it as cool as possible when leaving it on for long periods. It saves the console from overheating and having to turn itself off- leaving you having to start the level again on Ratchet and Clank...;)