• how do u get an avatar picture?
    like red from red dead revolver?
  • If you have a picture hosted someplace (ImageShack, Photobucket, a personal site) you can use the that as an avatar. When choosing an av you should have seen extra blanks at the bottom for using a custom avatar. Click the button beside that and put the address of the image (not the site it's on, just the image itself) and hit the Save button.

    You can also upload pics directly from your computer. Hit the Browse button beside the lower blank and find the pic you want on your own PC (making sure it's within guidelines ;) ). When you hit the Save Settings button it will upload a copy of the pic and set it as your avatar.
  • It's easier when setting a custom avatar to just have it saved on your computer. If you see an avatar you want on a website, just right-click on it and save the picture. Use the saved copy as your avatar...Easy.;)