PSP won't turn off!!!!!
  • Suddenly after using my psp, I tried to turn it off, but it simply won't turn off. It's like the switch doesn't do anything! Please help me.
  • Turning the PSP off requires you to flick the switch and hold it for about 4-5 seconds. If you have done this and it doesn't turn off- there is definitely a problem.:eek: I would say something's went kaput inside the PSP, such as a disconnected wire or something that would usually allow the switch to turn the PSP off.:confused:

    If the switch still doesn't do anything after a couple more tries, call Sony's tech support, they will either fix/ replace your PSP for free if you are still within the one year warranty period. If you have run out of warranty, you will be charged a reasonably high fee for the replacement or repair. Usually around $50-80 (£40-80), if i remember correctly.