• Originally posted by manneman@Feb 10 2003, 04:03 PM
    Did the time in the army involve some sort of unusual incident that brought them closer together, so to say?
    All of you horndogs know this, I am not implying anything but platonic love these 7 men between

    Nothin' BUTT love Manne, nothin' BUTT LOVE!!! :lol: :P

    Did the item in the case belong to anyone that the six men (or one of the six men) know!? :huh:
  • Manne - No

    Speedie - Yes
  • Did the six men (or, one of the six men) want that body part to be in the case?? :ph34r:

    (not men that I would ever want to be acquainted with!!) :blink:
  • Honestly Speedie, I don't know. Besides, it's irrelevant.
  • Would the loneman happen to have a part of one's hand in the case?
  • Do the contents of the case cause pain(emotional) to any of the 6 men?
  • Does the case contain a part of a human visual without surgery?
  • Originally posted by manneman@Feb 15 2003, 02:23 AM
    Does the case contain a part of a human visual without surgery?

    Manne, I don't know what that means.

    Madhtr - No. The six men feel nothing after seeing the contents of the case, but they no longer have anything to do with the man holding the case.
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall+Feb 16 2003, 04:15 PM-->QUOTE(WreckinBall @ Feb 16 2003, 04:15 PM)
    [quote] <!--QuoteBegin-manneman</i>
    @Feb 15 2003, 02:23 AM
    Does the case contain a part of a human visual without surgery?

    Manne, I don't know what that means.


    He means:
    Does the case contain a part of a human that is visible without surgery?

    (I had to ask him that one in a PM)
  • PM, schPm.
    Tell the truth baby, you read my mind as usual.

    Sorry WB for the lack of vocabulary, I will now, humiliated, resign from this site to study english full time for 12 tears. :D

    Or maybe I just shot another question your way.

    Has the six men lost any body part in the exact same matter as the man with the case?
  • To avoid some confusion which might arise from a yes/no response to that question, I'm going to include a rather huge hint.

    No, the six men didn't lose a body part in exactly the same manner*, but they lost exactly the same body part.

    * as the manner is irrelevant.
  • This is going to sound so "left-field", but I have to put it to you, otherwise I'll just carry along the same train of thought.

    Are all the men, now bald?
  • Bid, if you want them to be bald, they can be bald. As with the way the body parts were lost, it is irrelevant.
  • You didn't answer my misspelled question so I'll rephraze

    Does the case hold an internal organ?
  • It wouldn't happen to be a sexual reproductive organ by any chance, now would it?
  • Manne - No, and Ewwww!
  • Would losing this body part pose any inconveniences in every day life?
  • Let me just ask you Knowze,
    What bodypart would you feel DIDN'T cause an inconvenience in every day life if lost? :lol:

    My question:
    Is there something with this piece of human flesh that isn't "normal"?
    That sort of means, could you say that it belonged to its owner just by looking at it and you knew the owner well?

    Just answer the first question
  • Originally posted by manneman@Feb 21 2003, 07:34 AM
    [b]Let me just ask you Knowze,
    What bodypart would you feel DIDN'T cause an inconvenience in every day life if lost? :lol:

    Wisdom teeth, earlobe, foreskin, middle toe...

    Can't think of any more yet.
  • KG - Yes

    Manne - No
  • [quote]Originally posted by Knowze Gungk+Feb 21 2003, 12:54 AM-->QUOTE(Knowze Gungk @ Feb 21 2003, 12:54 AM)[quote] <!--QuoteBegin-manneman</i>@Feb 21 2003, 07:34 AM
    [b] [b]Let me just ask you Knowze,
    What bodypart would you feel DIDN'T cause an inconvenience in every day life if lost?
  • Manne - I don't know. I suspect that they lost them one at a time, but it really doesn't matter.

  • Is what's in the case a sort of duplicate (or, replica if you will) of what the men lost!?!?
  • SB - No. What is in the case is definitely not a duplicate.
  • If your belly-button was a dividing line. Would so called body-part, be normally located in the upper region?

    And Manne, the whole hair thing was the very reason why I asked if all the men were bald.
  • Ok I have been watching this go on for a while and I am sure I have a good question.

    Was the body part in the case bitten off by Mike Tyson??? ;)
  • Bid - Yes

    FJ - No
  • There is an arm in the bag!
    There I've said it.

    The other men have lost an arm as well, probably while in the army but that is yet not confirmed.
    They have not been eating the arms, and I can't for the love of god understand why somebody would owe 6 men their arm if they havn't been eating theirs in the first place.

    Did he promise to "lend a hand" at the 20 years reunion?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong about anything WB, and I will delete the info given
  • Is the body part in the case, a nose?

    (I just know I'm gonna kick myself, when this is eventually solved :blink: !)
  • Originally posted by manneman@Feb 25 2003, 04:51 PM
    [b]There is an arm in the bag!
    There I've said it.

    Uummmmm.... Bid, did you just see the post that Manne made!?!? :unsure: :blink: :lol:

    START KICKING!!! hahahhahahahaa
  • Oh cruddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

    No, I didn't..........certainly sounds plausible enough, but I bruise easily, so I might just hold off on the "Kicking" until we know for sure? OH PLEASE!!!!!!!! Let it be wrong. :D
  • Ok, let's finnish this.

    WB: Did the man with the case take advatage in the loosing of the other mens arms?
  • You sure got me with that one. I want to agree with the "stairs on the outside" thing myself but you say WRONG. Maybe he smokes and can't walk the whole way or maybe he's just lazy.
  • Huh? Stair's, what stairs? :blink:
    Erm.... Unidentified32, metinks perhaps you may of posted in the wrong area, Sweet's? Either that or I'm seriously missing a few "Posts" ;) !
  • Originally posted by manneman@Feb 27 2003, 01:28 PM
    Ok, let's finnish this.

    Is that some kind of Scandinavian joke? (Finnish) :D

    Manne - No. The man took no advantage in the other men losing their arms. (HUGE hint here) However, not all of the men lost their arms at the same time.
  • It is accually a joke.
    To finnish things is to do them without the usual rubbish-talk, to be consequent in ones actions.

    And then there was this one time when the waiter at Pizzza Hut in Leichester Square asked us if we were finished and I missunderstood and gladly proclaimed that "No, my good man, we are in fact swedish!" :D

    Q: Did the first looser of arms lose his in armed battle?
  • Now you're cracking the nut.

    Manne - YES

  • Are these 'arms' to which you refer, weapons!?!? :huh:

    (oh, and btw, Manne is the NUT, his woman is the NUTCRACKER!! :lol: )
  • Did the men fight amongst themself (with each other) ?
  • SB - Yes

    Manne - No
  • :blink: Now you lost me again.
    What arms that are weapons is he referring to?
    I belive that the content of the case is said to be a bodypart and specificly not a weapon!
    Ah, maybe the arms in armed battle?
    Fudge the same. (Another scandinavian joke as a native Scandinavian is called a Same)

    Hey WB: Did the 6 men loose their arms to one and the same thing/cause/foe ?
  • @$$face - Yes. They lost their arms fighting the same enemy, though not necessarily to the same person.

  • Alright, I"ve PM'd another guess to WB about what I think is the reason "why" the situation here happened the way it did, and ended the way it did.

    Hopefully WB will post here if I am right!! :D

    (which is highly doubtful, btw! :huh: )
  • No sign of any WB post so far.

    Does this ordeal take place in any perticular time (like the bronze age, the vietnam war, etc) ?
  • Manne - Yes. It takes place during a very specific time. The confrontation in the alley takes place some time shortly after a war, let's say the VietNam conflict.

    (You're coming down the home stretch)
  • And I appear to be blidfolded, drunk and walking backwards. I am not ready to say I have any good idea on were this is supposed to end. :lol:

    Ok, so the 7 men fought together. 6 lost their arms (bodyparts arms that is) the 7:th didn't but when they got back (if they got back, I'm assuming after your last post that they are not int the same are as the other men lost their arms) he went and cut his arm off and showed it to the others so that they wouldn't kick his @ss.

    Did the 7:th man simulate loosing an arm ?
    (how that hill you go about doing that ? I gotta ask to eliminate stupid options I guess)
  • Originally posted by manneman@Mar 11 2003, 01:59 AM

    Ok, so the 7 men fought together. 6 lost their arms (bodyparts arms that is) the 7:th didn't but when they got back (if they got back, I'm assuming after your last post that they are not int the same are as the other men lost their arms) he went and cut his arm off and showed it to the others so that they wouldn't kick his @ss.

    That is, essentially, the solution. The lone man was a coward. He ran away during the battle in which they all lost their arms. They told him they would kill him when they returned to the U.S. , and the coward sated their bloodlust by having his arm cut off.

    Manne, the floor is yours.
  • WELL FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!!! IT'S ABOUT FRIGGIN' TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blink:

    Manne, if you're gonna do one like WB just put us through , tortured us with ... uuuh, posed, please start another thread for this 'new' sort of trivia..... call it '20 questions'..... or '200,000 questions'! hehehehe :P You get the idea!
  • Would you look at that. :D
    I figured it out, sort of. I'm so proud.
    Guess I was to busy looking for a twist or a punshline to realize how close I've been.

    Ah, susan. I got a few of these 1000 yes/no questions up my sleve, maybe I do start a separate thread with one, but for now you have to do with this:


    Wich one doesn't belong there?
  • Is it devious
  • The green one. Ya can't trust them green words, I hear they eat each other where they come form.
    Damn savages.

    Or is it cagey? The others are clyopses.

  • Is it 'detain'??

    'Cause the others sound like the letters of the alphabet:

    Aviary: A V R E

    Cagey: K G

    Devious: D V S

    Opium: O P M

    Get it?? OK, maybe I'm looking too much into it..... I'll go now......... :unsure:
  • Why Susan, why don't you take pride in being pretty d@mn clever.
    You are right, so just get back here.
  • Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!! And here I thought it was just the Nyquil talking!! :lol: Thank you for the lovely compliment Manne, I don't get called 'pretty d@mn clever' just every day ya know! :wub:

    Okey dokey, here's one:

    In the following list, the words are out of order (the correct order is NOT alphabetical). Can you figure out the pattern and put them in the proper order?

    A. Leaf
    B. Part
    C. Mitt
    D. Corn
    E. Saw

    Have fun y'all! :D
  • It can't be as easy as simply arranging the words in alphabetical order, so my guess for now would be

    A, B, A, C, A, D, A, B, A.

    (I traded the E for som extra A:s) :P

  • You silly silly man!!

    Here's a little note:

    When you 'guess' them, please re-write them in the same manner that I did, ie:

    a work

    b anotherword

    c andanotherword.........

    and so on, ok? That should be of some help! :D
  • You made to easy now :D

    A Corn
    B Leaf
    C Saw
    D Part
    E Mitt

  • That's the ticket Manne!!! :D
    Your turn!!
  • Ok, let's see how you handle this.
    Arrange the following in alphabetical order (after you desciphered them of course) ;)


    [EDIT] No takers so far, what if I told you that "I = 14411"

  • Looks like still no takers. Either give a better hint, via another post, or please stop torturing us and give us the answer!?!? :blink: heheheee Then, try another (easier) one!? :huh:
  • Ok, here's a hint.

    Now let's see wich scavanger will be the quickest :lol:

  • Oh for cryin' out loud, that didn't help one little bit!!! :blink:
    Which 'STAFF' are you refering to!? We've got the 'Mod Squad' and we've got the Admin. people, of whom there are only two.

    God, why am I so darned POLISH!?!?!? <_< </font>
  • Assuming I'm the quickest scavenger, I'd like to say that it's quite the dubious honor. :D

    The answers are (in alphabetical order)

    3923 - Madhtr
    10480 - Red
    110 - Tiff
  • This one's been out there so long even I can't remeber the answer. :lol:

    That looks quite right WB, at least you understood the concept.
    I'm to lazy to control it myself, so I hereby declare you keeper of the floor.

  • Alright WB, I want you to explain that one to me!!! PLEEEEEEEEASE!?!?!?!? :unsure: :(
  • Speedie - 4032
    WB - 4502
    Manne - 14411

    Does that make any sense Speedie?
  • KG, excellent pointers.

    I surrender the privelege to anyone who would ask.....

  • I swear, if I get any more brain-dead, y'all will have to bury me!!!!!!!
    Can you believe that I didn't even SEE those blasted 'member numbers' there, under the av!?!?!?!?! OOOH FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!
    Someone, please come along and smack me a good one!?!?!
    (oh, and Mr. Gungk, thank you very much, I do feel better now, understanding it! sheeeeesh!! Takes me long enough, eh?)

    OK, now, since Mr. Ball (Mr. WrubberBall) has so graciously handed the floor over to 'Open', I think I'll try another one:

    A cork, say from a wine bottle, is held by a robotic clamp at the bottom of a bucket of water and released the moment the bucket is dropped off the side of a tall building. What will happen to the cork during the fall? Will it float to the top of the bucket normally, slower than normal, faster than normal, or not at all?

    Assume that there is no air resistance to slow the bucket down.
  • Just to go out on a limb, I'll say that it won't float to the top at all because the bucket was upside down, and thus when dropped off a building it would be pinned to the bottom rather than floating to the top.

  • Nope, and nope! :P
  • Alright...two more theories...

    1. The thing which was at the bottom of the bucket was the robotic arm, therefore, if the bucket were dropped off of a building, the cork would fall following the bucket and therefore fall to the top of the bucket more slowly due the fact that it'd never get to the top of the bucket until the bucket slowed.

    2. The cork is plugging up the bottom of the bucket, so, yet again, it won't move when dropped. (Yeah, I know, this second one isn't likely.)
  • Ok, I'd say it would float faster to the top because of if the bucket was moving downwards, the cork if it didn't float would move to the top anyway because of the speed. So I would say it would float to the top faster then normal.
  • I say it would stay on the bottom. The speed of falling(gravity) will counteract the rising action and it won't move.
  • Personally I think Cricket's got it. If the clamp was released at the same moment that the bucket was released the cork would fairly fly up from the bottom. I think. But who knows one of KFH's theories might be right.

  • Mr. WreckinBall has it!! See, there's that boyancy factor, which is zero in zero gravity!! :D

    Take 'er away Buddy!
  • Thank you, Mrs. Bag o' chips.....

    I respectfully decline and offer the floor to anyone who will ask a respectable question.

  • Respectable, huh!? Well, now I will have to come up with a new one!! :lol:

    A man and his dog were going to the park. The man rode, yet the dog walked. What was the dog's name?

    There, nice and clean and respectable! Now, I need to go find some smutt to roll in to get this nasty 'clean' taste out of my mouth!! :lol:

  • Absolutely!!!
    "The man rode, Yet, the dog, walked!" hehehehheee

    Very nicely done!! :D Your turn!!!
  • Floors open.
  • ill take this one

    26 white ponys on a red hill , first they stamp then they champ what are they ?[/b]
  • Someone who's lost six of their teeth, or perhaps a teething child.

    (and I believe it goes..."first they stamp, then they champ, and then they stand still.....all 32 of them)
  • In all technicality WB, the proper answer is actually simply 'teeth'.

    (Believe that was in 'The Hobbit' by good ol' Tolkein.


    (Yeah, and if this is right, don't wait for me, someone else go ahead and take the floor.)
  • Right you are, KFH. The obvious response was neglected for an abundance of criticism.
  • *bump* Floor's open people.^_^
  • I'll take it and since this is the brainteasers thread I'll think I'll post one.

    This one's pretty easy:

    How many (full)numbers between 1 and 3000 are not dividable with 2,3 or 5?
  • including 1 I would have to say 428.
  • 1 and 3000 is included, but the correct answer isn't 428
  • Zero, all numbers are divisible by 2, 3, and 5...You'll just end up with a fraction in the answer. ^_^
  • I'm gonna leave a clue and wait a bit longer, just in case someone have some time to spare and wants to solve this one.

    It's rather easy to get that half of the numbers are divisable by 2. right!?!
    How many are divisable by 3? How many by 5?
    Why 1000 and 500 of course.

    But how many of the numbers divisable by 3 are also divisable by 2 and so on...
    These numbers should only be accounted for once and the subtracted from 3000, then you should come up with your answer.
    Start counting.
  • well after that clue I would hafta say 700.
  • Heres the juice that I squeezed out from my brain

    50 <<< my insane answer :lol:
  • I got a hunch Spiderclowns gonna get this, just needs a little help.

    Let's see.
    Here's what you need to know.

    How many numbers are only div. by each of the three figures.
    How many numbers are only div. by each of the three combinations of two figures.
    How many numbers are div by all three figures.

    Now you ought to get it.

    [EDIT 24/4] I think I better drop this one, he right answer is 800.
    800 div by 2 only
    400 div by 3 only
    200 div by 5 only
    400 div by 2 and 3
    200 div by 2 and 5
    100 div by 3 and 5
    100 div by 2,3 and 5

    Floors open

  • Good God man, why don't you do ones that people can actually get!?!? :doh:

    OK, here's one..... and much easier too!!

    You are in a room that is an 8x8x8 perfect cube. There are no windows, or doors (don't ask me how you got in there!) In the center of the floor there is a 12 inch pipe that is sticking 6 inches out of the floor. In the bottom of the pipe is a ping pong ball with a diameter that is one millemeter smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe. You have a 12 inch piece of string, a match, a magnifying glass, a 6" ruler and a paperclip. How do you get the ping pong ball out of the hole??

    There, that one should be much easier!! :D
  • Use the force.
  • Well, considering the room is a PERFECT 8x8x8 cube, the pipe could not be stuck down INTO the floor, so therefore, I would simply pick up the pipe and let the ball roll out.^_^
  • light up the match!

    throw it in the pipe!!

    then the ping pong ball should look like this :stink:

    Now use your paper clip and tie it in the string!!!

    The :stink: should stick on the paper clip!!!!

    Pull it out and then dance out of joy :disco: (if successfu)

    It's luch time :feedme:

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