• Hip, no it's nothing as nit-picky as that!! (room a perfect 8x8x8, hence the pipe cannot be set into the floor..... sheeeeeeesh!! Some people just reach until they can scratch their toes without bending over!! :lol:

    Squall, nope, that ain't it either!!

    Come on folks, it's simple!! :think:
  • Well taking into consideration a Bordello Board Member posted this... and it doesn't say you are alone in the room. :think:

    (cover your eyes kiddies) Grab your closest Bordello Madame and have her... well... Suck the ball out of the tube.

    :::grabbing new batteries for his pacemaker:::
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: the :stink: one
  • WHOA!! Talk about a laughing demon :woot:

    Can't you give us any clues? are we going to use all of those things? what's the piont if you're in a 8x8 room? Please! I beg you to tell me!! :notworthy:

  • HAHAHHAAA Topper!! hehehehee...... though this one came from a member of the Famous Madame Lolas Bordello, no, it has nothing to do with my skills!! ;)

    Clues huh?? Hmmm.......Well, it might have something to do with what is in the room with you...... or it might not! :unsure:
  • ......................

    You're making this harder as it looks :cry:

    C'mon!! I can't stand the suspense!!!

  • Heh heh heh, it's not that hard really...... the answer just might not need to include those items in the room with you, that's all!! Think: What would you do/use to get a ball out of the bottom of a pipe!?!? :unsure: :think:
  • Walk to the wall then the place should stumble, stumble it until upside down.....
  • I would fill the hole with some fluid so the ball floats up , but that answer's to nasty even for you Susan
  • Hey! Where's Susan? It's been a week and nobody got it!! Change it up! Change it up!

  • Oh Squall, hold your pants on!!

    Yes, Manne, just pee in the hole, the fluid will cause the ball to rise!! :D

    (much easier for a man to do than a girl...... target practice!!)

    Okey dokey Manne, the floor is yours! :clap:
  • Then you mean that...... the string, the match, the magnifying glass ans the 8x8 room are useless!!!!?????

    And all I have to to is use my gun???? :bash:

    Ooooohhhh............. that is so cold of you making me think too hard :pump:
  • Hm, I didn't think that that would be the answer even though it will get you the ball. :D

    Ok here's a new one for you, a little math since I know you all love them math teasers.

    Snow white and the 7 dwarfs had their reunion last weekend. They all met up at TGIF and since it had been quite some time since they last met and dwarfs being naturally polite and all, they all shook hands with each other.

    How many handshakes took place?
  • Let's see...one dwarf would have to make seven hand shakes if he shook hands with everyone. Also, Snow White would have to make seven handshakes...assuming they don't shake hands with themselves(i.e. Snow White shaking Snow White's hand)...now for the math.


    56 handshakes took place.

    Wow..that post made me feel smart after having such a hard time with math(although that was simple math) :disco:
  • Oakey dokey
  • My guess would be (8*8*8)-7=505
    8 guests time 8 guest 8 times (each guest) but 7 of them would have shaken twice)

  • 28?

    Or maybe 21 because Bashful is outside the group with his hands behind his back, making invisible drawings with his feet.
  • Dang it! Knowze got here first!!

    I know 28 is the right answer!!

    want the equation?


  • The key is that there are two persons shaking hands at every hand shake. So Red you wasn't that far off, (I don't know what Steve and Topper were thinking).

    The right answer is 28 and knowze was the first to get it, (I guess it helps having Snow white and the 7 dwarfs action figures and reinact the scene, ;) )

    So Mr. Gungk, if you may....
  • No, really, I just added the numbers from One to Seven, nothing happend with any dolls, especially anything involving imaginary tea. Who told you that? I't's all lies.

    Are you stalking me?

    Can't think of one right now, so I'll leave the floor locked until I can.
    But I'll leave the key in the lock just incase someone else thinks they have a good one to share, before me.
  • Little cute Squall walking along the isle of the brainteasers..... suddenly, something shiny caught his eye

    Oh! a key!! should I get it? Hmmmmmmmmmm....... NAH!!

    Better save the best for last!!

  • I suppose that would be me! NOT!! hahahhahaa

    Oh ok, since everyone is waiting for one, try this:

    Fill in the blanks using +, -, *, or / to make this equation valid. You may also add parentheses if necessary.

    5 _ 5 _ 5 _ 5 _ 5 = 24

    There, that one should last all of about 5 minutes! :D
  • how about

    (5x5x5) - 5 /5= 24
    5*5*5 = 125
    minus 5 = 120
    divided by 5 = 24

    5 minutes my :swear: !!

    That made my brain hurt!!!!!!!!!! :doh:

  • Heh heh heh, nooooo, I think it was all the :doh: that made your brain hurt!!

    Of course you are correct, the floor is yours!! (don't mind the spill in the corner over there, I'll mop that up later) :blink:
  • Ok,,,

    This one is an easy one.

    Name 10 parts of the body that are spelled with only three letters.

    First with all correct wins (Default goes to highest number correct)
  • [b]Easy peasy, I even got two answers.

  • Good job, I only got 4!

  • ok lets try these
    and if acceptable gut and ass? :unsure:
  • Originally posted by reap_nz@May 21 2003, 03:13 PM
    ok lets try these
    1. ear
    2. eye
    3. lip
    4. gum
    5. arm
    6. leg
    7. rib
    8. toe
    and if acceptable gut and ass? :unsure:

    Manne... this is *ahem* american trivia :doh: Plus I have no idea what parts of the body you wrote except your arm & ten toes.

    Tony you were right on track.

    Reap... You are right on track but remember that APi is a family forum so we don't use those other two words. A hint is both parts mentioned are right in the areas where you will find the last two parts.
  • ear
    lid(as in eyelid?)

    or if the last one crosses off...then I say that the last two are both hips

  • Ear

    There thats got to be it!
  • [quote]Originally posted by Topper@May 22 2003, 04:10 AM
    [b] Manne... this is *ahem* american trivia :doh:
  • Well topper has anyone got them right? :blink:
  • Manne, my apologies to all there was no intention to offend. Non english posts albeit may contain the correct answers, I have no idea if they do or don't. :shy:

    Red... You forgot jaw.
    Ali... you forgot rib.
    Reap you only got 8 of the 10.

    The 10 I was looking for were arm, ear, eye, gum, hip, jaw, leg, lip, rib and toe.


    I'll let Red and Ali and Manne and Reap sort it out. :blink:
  • Ok, i'll take the floor as i'm the first here.

    ?*?*?divided? =37

    put what you think the numbers are in the '?'
  • ((37*2)*2)/4=37
  • Well done spider you got it

    The floor is yours!

    :clap: :clap: :clap:
  • I'm good at answering them not making them someone else take the floor.
  • Originally posted by spiderklown@May 23 2003, 04:39 PM
    I'm good at answering them not making them someone else take the floor.

    Ok, I'm here first again I'll take the floor: (again)

    Name 10 DIFFERENT things that contain milk?

    Cows don't count!!!!
    :2cool: :2cool:
  • Heres my list

    sour cream
    cream cheese
    cottage cheese
    womens breasts
  • Hehehehe! (womans brests) :lol: :woot:

    Well you just about got it although i did say different things so i'm not sure the cottage cheese would have counted because of the previous on was cheese as well! :blink:

    But out of the kindness of my heart ill give you the floor!! :peace:
  • Take it KJB,
    for the love of god don't leave it open!! :o
  • Don't let this thread die KJB!!

    For the love of Satan, say something!! :doh:
  • Sorry folks I forgot all about this and I don't get on much during the weekend.

    As I have not got one at this time I'll open the floor up.

    Hope you have a good one.

  • Oh goodie!! I've got one!!

    Ryan and Craig were identical twins born in Seattle in 1961. Ryan was born before Craig, but according to their birth certificates, Craig was older than Ryan. How come?

    There, have fun!! :D
  • Ryan was born one minute before daylights savings ended and Craig was born one minute after.
  • Because the set of twins that Craig belongs to was born first.
  • They were identical twins however not from the same mother (not brothers)
  • The clock was off? :lol:

    Or maybe Craig and Ryan had name changes...

    Got me stumped this time around. ^_^
  • Ive heard this one before, but i cant seem to remember the answer. Ill guess, Craig was conceved first.

  • Looks like we have a weener!!!!! KJB, you're spot on Dear!! :peace:

    By the way, who is Gerg Moore!?!? :unsure:
  • Greg Moore was a Canadian race car driver in the cart series. He was killed during the final race of the 1999 season, he was the best!!!!

    As for the brainteasers, I love answering them but I suck at coming up with a question so the floor is open.
  • I'm not sure if this one's been done yet but here it is....

    What animal walks in the morning on four feet, in the afternoon on two feet, and in the evening on three feet?

    Bonus points for the origin of this riddle.
  • I think that it must be man.
    Or maybe an ape who learned how to walk with a cane.

    Don't know anything bout the origin.
  • The answer is man.

    It comes from the story of Oedipus and the Sphinx. I think the actual line goes something like this:

    "In childhood he creeps on hands and knees, in manhood he walks upright, and in old age he walks with the aid of a cane."
  • The correct answer is, of course, Man.
    Manneman answered correctly first but Danny answered correctly with the Bonus....The Riddle of The Sphinx.
    I suppose the floor should go to the first correct answer which is Manneman. :peace: (he just beat you by two minutes Danny, sorry!)
  • Ok, tim eto bring this thread back from riddle-land and into brainteaser-land.

    Coolguy is 24 years old. He's in fact twice as old as Coolgirl was when Coolguy were as old as Coolgirl is now.
    How old is Coolgirl?

  • 12? :unsure:
  • Ummmm, 6?
  • Nope and njet both of you, keep trying.
  • 18 ^_^

    (If that's right, someone go ahead, I dunno any riddles to post :) )
  • that is correct, and then I just take the floor back thank you very much. But Kent, this isn't the riddle thread, this here is the brainteaser party. Anyhow, here's the new one:

    T-W , D , L-L
    What is coming up next in the sequence?
  • Cool J? :woot:
  • Nope, mr. Ladies Love got nothing to do with this one. I don't think you're gonna get it WB since, to my knowleagde, you aint got no kiddies. <-- observe the hint all of you!!</font>
  • Ermm...S?
  • P

    tinky-winky, dipsy, la-la and po, teletubbies say hello, 'eh-oh'
    :clap: I know, im sad i got that without any help from any kiddies, well...........unless you count my 17 year old girlfriend. :shy:
  • Yeah, :punk: Teletubbies rule.

    :blink: Sorry bout that, my daughter has brainwashed me.

    Theve is correct (and for those of you who are not familiar with the teletubbies or understood the odd coloring of the letters, Tinky-Winkys color is purple, La-Las is yellow and so on.)
    The floor is yours Theve.
  • i could try something like:
    L , D , M , what is the last one in the sequence?

    But that would just be silly, no one would get that, would they?

    No i doubt it, so open floor
  • Even thought the floors open I would have guessed R
    Is that from TMNT ?
    Floors still open of course!

  • Here's another one of those long, drawn-out ones, where you get to ask one question at a time! (WB should like this one!!)

    A man saw something advertised at a certain price and went to buy it. An official refused to sell it too him even though the man could pay and other men and women were sold it. Later the man was very glad he had been refused.

    Why was he refused and why was he glad?

    There, let the fun begin!! :woot:
  • Well, obviously, the product was a powerful analgesic, used to relieve the symptoms of a flesh-eating fungal infection of the genials. Whilst not actually destroying the infection, the product does relive the agonizing pain it causes while slowly rendering its host sterile.

    Due to the side effects of the product, it is only available to those who are infected with the dreadful fungus. So, although annoyed that he was denied his beloved product, the man was somewhat relieved.
  • I'd have to say it was contaminated meat, and he was glad to have been prevented from buying it due to the risk of getting sick.
  • The man was a felon and he wanted to buy a gun. Others were able to buy one but he wasn't able to possess a gun because of his criminal history. Later that day his parole officer came and did a parole search on him and his residence and reminded him that if he gets caught with a gun he would go back to the big house...

    Just "axe" me :cunning:

  • OK, first..... no, no and no.

    Second, let me try to explain the 'rules' to this one a bit better. WB did one of these aeons ago, and it goes a little something like this:

    It's a 'situation brainteaser',
    Those guessing get to ask one question at a time about the situation,
    When enough questions have been answered with a 'yes', then anyone can PM me to guess the entire situation,
    When it's been guessed in its entirety correctly then that PM will be posted here for all to see.

    We'll do the PM thing so that partial correct guesses don't act as "cheats" to others.

    WB, that's about the way you did it before, yes?

    OK..... continue please! :woot:

  • OK, pardon my 'double post' here, but it has been brought to my attention by Mr. Gungk that it was mentioned previously (like I have a memory, right!?) that we'd open a new thread for this type of riddling, so I'll do just that, and leave this one open for whomever would like to take the floor next.

    Thank you for your patience with me! :unsure:
  • I'll give it a shot. This probably doesn't "qualify" as a brainteaser, we'll see.

    Two Indians are hunting in the woods. One is the father of the other ones son. What is their relationship?
  • Are they step brothers? :think:
  • Is it husband and wife?
  • cousions????
  • Cousins? Step brothers!?

    That's kind of a warped way of thinking.

    But that's just me, I have no idea what kind of cultural activities are partaken where there be dragons. So who am I to judge?
  • This is an easy one, it's the Father and the Mother of their son. :)
  • Spiderklown, not necessarily husband and wife.
    The correct answer was mother and father so Daniel got it right. :peace:
  • Umm.... Squall9999 to Daniel!
    I repeat... Squall9999 to Daniel!!

    Calling Daniel!!
    Darn... I can't get a signal

    Switch to frequency SQL99.99!!



    Oh hell!! I'll just leave a message to him :rules:

    Get your wise a** in here! You left the floor wide open!!

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