System Freeze, Colored Blocks Line Screen please help!!
  • okay, so im new here, but i have a huge problem. a few months ago, i was playing my PS3 and out of nowhere the game froze, and these small little colored blocks lined the screen and almost looked like static. i could still hear everything just fine, but i couldnt see a thing. so i pretty much thought it was a problem with my disc, but after trying a few more games and restoring the system, i realized that the system will work fine for about 15 minutes and then just freeze up and display the blocks.

    i'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of such a thing and maybe has a solution? id be so grateful if someone could help me out! thanks!!
  • Yeah many people have had a problem similar to this- myself included. It pretty much means the end for your current system- it is completely shot and probably irrepairable. So, if i were you i would call Sony's Tech support and arrange for a replacement PS3. If you are still under their one year warranty the replacement will be free of charge.

    If i were you i'd look in to getting all your data from your PS3's HDD backed up onto either an external HDD or a USB thumbstick. You don't want to lose all of your game saves and other non-retrievable items now do you..;)
  • I'm afraid Rob is right, the problem is in the PS3 itself. No choice but to contact Sony regarding a repair/ replacement job.