Project Overkill
  • Hi guysngals,
    Anyone remember a psone game named "project overkill" It was one of my most favourite games on psone. Any one know where to get a copy or where i could search for this game, need it to work on an au ps3. Sold my own original back when i moved from psone to ps2, desperate to play it again, Anyone?:(
  • Oh, yes, i remember this one. I enjoyed this game up until we got to that escort mission (the bane of video games everywhere).

    At this point your best bet would be on eBay or, if lucky, check around some yard sales/ flea markets (they do have these down under?) and you may find one on the cheap.
  • amazon aswell is quite good for classics
  • Amazon/Ebay would be your best bet online. Doing a quick google search for the sale of the game came up with nothing promising though.

    You may want to check any local game stores in your area aswell- some have some pretty big retro corners which may house a copy.