mgs4 cutscene and codec sound not working
  • i just bought mgs4 and the sound works except for during cutscenes and codecs
    i cant figure out why this isnt working any ideas
  • First thing I would suggest is checking your sound options within the game- you are able to make the codecs play within a bluetooth headset with the game so i wonder if maybe this option may be turned on, making the sound act up.
  • i did mess with that but its still set on standard so im thinking it may be because i have the hdmi plugged into my tv and the tv just cant handle that part
  • It sounds like you've messed with the options and switched something 'off' or 'on' by mistake...? I doubt it has anything to do with your TV not being able to handle the sound through HDMI- if it has a legit HDMI port all would be fine in that department.

    One other option would be to exchange your current disk for another one. The disk could be a little defective and that would explain only the cutscenes having no sound.