fifa 08 online matches
  • I dont seem to be able to play online matches. Every time i get as far as the team selection screen and can't advance any farther. can you help me?
  • I'd say its either a problem with the other player or a problem with your connection. If it's happening very often, then you probably have a poor connection to most of the games you're joining and are therefore not being able to progress into an actual match.

    Do you have any problems with any other online games...?
  • I just recently bought the PS3 and dont have any other games.
    I can play "BE A PRO" games online, but when i try to play a normal match i do not get an option to progress past the team select screen, this happens every time.
  • This may be a long shot but, you are waiting for an opponent to join the game too aren't you...?
    Once you have an opponent, you have to select all your teams, kit etc until the advance message has came up on your screen..? This has to be the same with your opponent aswell, to carry on into a game. I think when both advance messages are up it actually continues automatically.
  • the exact same is happening to me on fifa 09

    we can't get past team selection, we have manaaged it once, but no matter what we press the first person cannot select a team, which means the second person can'! we did get it once, but not sure how...