• A few quick shot questions for you brainy fellows:

    1. Internal HD installing - I know they use 2.5" SATA HD's & physically how to put it in, but how do I install the PS3 OS on it (if it needs installing)?

    2. Partitioning the HD & installing another OS - An option in the system tools, does this mean I can duel boot my PS3 with different OS's??


    I'm big on tweating and juicing up my PS3, I love the networking side of how it works & have got WMP file sharing on it to my PC.. and the little guy even has its own router and its own IP addy. But now i want to get inside the thing and install all this hardware yummy :D
  • That's right, any 2.5" SATA notebook hard drive can be used in the PS3 (I replaced my 20 GB drive with a 160 months back). It is recommended to use one that is the same specs (5400 rpm) as the original.

    When you put the new drive in, the PS3 will automatically format the drive and put on any system files it needs on the drive. You won't have to do anything.

    As for the "Install other OS", early into the PS3's lifespan a version of Linux was introduced specifically for use on the PS3 called "Yellow Dog Linux". You can find out more about it and get the details on the install over at their official site, Terra Soft Solutions. . Myself, I would maybe steer clear of this unless you really know what you are doing- I know from personal experience on my PC how easy it is to mess up a Linux install. :eek:
  • Also if you know of any other cool things you can install/do on the PS3 please point me in the right direction :cool:
  • wow very quick reply!! cheers matey :D

    You all certainly know your stuff!
  • I luv Linux!! this PS3 is going to turn into a media centre :D I'll be able to turn on and off the lights in my house with my PS3 lol

    So does it ask you which OS to bootup on startup?
  • I haven't looked into it too deeply myself (had no intentions of installing this myself) but I do know that once you have Linux installed the PS3 will boot to it until you tell the kboot, the bootloader, to quit back to the PS3's own OS. Details are over at the site- they have lots of documentation over there regarding the install, where to get the files needed, troubleshooting, etc.
  • cheers Lyndon, youve been a great help.