MGS4 Act 0 - Ground Zero mission walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Ground Zero Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission


    After jumping off the truck, keep yourself to the ground and slowly crawl under the truck until you find a ration. Otacon will then inform you about the new camera, so try to play with it and proceed to the the main city which is in the southeast.

    Your path will be blocked by another truck, so crawl under the truck until a cut-scene plays. When that is over, look for the body of a soldier and you will find an AK next to it. You will get instructions from Otacon on how to equip that weapon. Do as he says and proceed to the street where more fighting is going on, just before the party is crashed by the Gekkos.

    For this one, you must achieve two goals - get to the next checkpoint and keep away from the Gekkos. The Gekkos aren't super tough enemies, but their weapons and powerful kicks will definitely cost you, so as much as you can keep away from them and when you do get in their way, refrain from starting a fight with them. It is good though that you can keep the soldiers out of your way as they will have their attention full on the Gekkos.

    After another cutscene, you must proceed north as instructed by Otacon. And because a Gekko stands in the way of Snake, do not heed Otacon's advice for now and head over to the opposite side of the building until you get to the south. Then, trudge the western-most street north and take cover from the buildings.

    When spotted by a Gekko, run towards the other direction or hide from the nearest building and try to keep out of their sight. Keep doing this or make most of the buildings to conceal yourself, until you have successfully reached the checkpoint.

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