MGS4 Act 1b - Liquid Sun - Red Zone mission walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Liquid Sun Red Zone Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 1b


    Named as Red Zone, this area is not much different from the previous one. When you reach the stairs at the entrance of this area, Otacon will show up and tell you that if you press the X-button while running, Snake will perform a rolling dodge. You can do this to get through small gaps. And this tip will come in handy as you will need to pass through a small gap ahead, and you can use the roll over technique then conceal yourself behind the boxes in the adjacent room.

    A soldier is waiting ahead, but because his back is turned towards you can equip your knife and use that to either stab or shock him. When that's over, take his weapon with you.

    Otacon will later inform you that you cannot use it because it is equipped with an ID lock. Then, proceed to the next floor by jumping over the broken wall until you drop down. More enemies are patrolling the streets, so you have to be cautious or else they might spot you. Just lie and crawl until you reach north.

    Then, get the ration and jump down the streets. There is also a compress placed in the corner of this area, get it and proceed north. Still, there are soldiers around the area that might get you into trouble. The checkpoint is in the room next to you, so you have to enter the building through the large crack in the wall. Then, a cutscene will play.

    Otacon arrives and provides you with a few helpful items such as the Metal Gear Mk. II, the Solid Eye, the Operator Pistol, and the Mk.2 tranquilizer gun. Once you've looked through your weapons, use the ladder you can find in the room to climb up and get to the second floor.

    As this is taking place, there will be a round of explosives hitting the building near some crates. Make use of the crates and rubble to cross the street, to the building, until you are on the other side.

    You will find a couple of soldiers around the corner, so go to your left from the debris bridge so you can sneak in unnoticed by the two soldiers. When you find an ammo on the ground, pick it up and knock out the two soldiers using CQC throw-downs.

    You will find the next checkpoint inside the rebel base. You have two ways to get to that checkpoint. First, you can try sneaking inside while also avoiding the rebels and PMCs. However, the base is tightly guarded so your chances of being seen is very likely.

    But if you ally with the rebels and help them in battle, you can win their trust until you get free access to their base.

    Meanwhile, there are also lots of goodies to pick up in their base.

    While on the roof, you have a pretty clear view of the PMCs below, making it easier to eliminate them one by one. Once you've done that, look to your south. The second floor of the building has an RPG-7, which you can use to destroy the PMC tanks. Head on over to the room where the MK. II was and use the door to exit to the streets.

    The building, which is south of the one you will enter, have stairs inside which you can climb up to reach the second floor. Once there, climb the crates to get to the next rooftop. After crossing the narrow board, drop down towards your right and get the RPG, as well as the packet of instant noodles.

    In the alley, stand parallel to the Stryker so you can launch a rocket at it. Then, after the explosion, proceed to the northeast corner where the rebels are mounted.

    You will find a tiny room close to the entrance of the next area, and you will find an RPG. Take it with you, as you go towards the final tank farther down the street. Make sure to destroy the tank and finish off any surviving PMCs.

    As soon as they shout