MGS4 Act 1c - Liquid Sun - Militia Safe House mission walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Liquid Sun Militia Safe House Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 1c


    This area is extremely dark. So, Otacon reminds you to use the Solid Eye to enable you to switch into night vision mode. Now that you can see around the area, try exploring the entire base.

    After helping the soldiers win their previous battle, the troops won't get you into any trouble, and take advantage of this so you can get any weapons or items you find and like. However, if they still consider you as an enemy, you must be constantly looking around using your Solid Eye. Or, if you'd like you can go back to the Red Zone and help the soldiers some more.

    When this scene is almost through, you will find several rooms that have several wounded or dead soldiers. There are lots of ammo all over the place, [B]as well as a song for your iPod