MGS4 Act 1e - Liquid Sun - Downtown mission walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Liquid Sun Downtown Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 1e


    You will have to make use of the tattered oil drum to get to the next area. To use the drum, hold down X so you can tip it over and get inside the drum to start rolling around. Just make sure you don't roll around for too long though because this will cause Snake to get sick, forcing him to stop and making him vulnerable for any form of attack.

    Look around you to see if you can find a ration, then go towards the street on the west side until you reach the entrance of a back street. Although there are soldiers on these side streets, they won't bother you so you shouldn't worry about concealing yourself from them.

    However, just a few blocks down are more rebels that are trying to fight a sniper. So, Otacon suggests for you to look for another route. Here, Otacon is your master strategist.

    Then, proceed to the south wall and enter the narrow alleyway. You will find a small gap between the buildings, and it is small enough just for Snake to fit through. So, make sure you slowly work your way through it and get the laser sight you find on the other side.

    Snake will also meet more soldiers here that are preparing for battle against the PMCs, so make sure not to trail them. Instead, proceed to the opposite direction until you get to a split.

    Either path you take will lead you to the main street; however, one path will get you directly in front of the tank, while the other behind it. So make sure you take the latter path, to keep you from being at the main path of the tank.

    Once you're behind the Stryker, cross the street so you can get to the south side. Near the van, you will find another alley, enter it. Then, crawl beneath the building until you find a few stun grenades.

    After that, you can go back to the main street, wherein you will find that the rebels have engaged in a mad gun fight against the PMCs, with their tanks, snipers, and various aircrafts dropping bombs.

    As much as you'd like to stay and help out, you must try to avoid getting involved in the fighting. Run towards the safer side of the city and across the street is a lone door that you must go through.

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