MGS4 Act 1f - Liquid Sun - Advent Palace mission walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Liquid Sun Advent Palace Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 1f


    All you have to worry about is a few traps, so use the Solid Eye to determine where the claymore mines are and sleeping gas bombs have been planted all over the four floors.

    When you have spotted them, crawl to pick them up or disarm them by using the MK.II. There are lots of items like ammo, health items, and a new iPod song to be seen in the Palace.

    Try to explore the entire building as you have it all to yourself. Meanwhile, if you were able to pick up as much mines as you can, this means there are only a few left on your way back down.

    Upon reaching the roof, get all items in the bar and go into the hallway to trigger a scene that will introduce the Rat Patrol. After going through some mission details with Meryl, Liquid's Haven Troops will then be dropped in. This will force Snake and the rest of the Rat Patrol to shoot back until safely out of the Palace.

    As soon as the battle starts, equip your M4 and cover behind the bar as the Troopers continue to attack. Although these are ladies, they like to throw grenades quite too often so it's better to stay at a safe distance away from them.

    Once you've cleared the roof, follow the team down to the third floor, where more troops are waiting to attack from either the ceiling or either sides of the room. Make sure to stay close to your team and try to take out as many of the enemies as you can with head shots. As Meryl's team moves on to the next room, follow them no matter if there are still enemies hanging around.

    When you reach the bar area, you will still have the same enemies but now their attacks are centralized. Jonathan and Ed will take care of the enemies showing up from behind while you and Meryl handle those enemies attacking through the window and doors.

    Meanwhile, Johnny will take cover in the corner and will be of no use. After some time, the attacks will cease and your team can now move onto the balcony and down to the second floor. Make sure to stay close to the team and also look for a safe spot to hide in from the balcony.

    The soldiers will now aim their attack from the third and second floors, so make sure to be wary of any attacks coming from above you. However, none of the enemies will be able to get close to you, so no need to move from where you are. Also, you can fight them without having to stop and look at every few seconds.

    When Meryl goes to the bathrooms, she will stop near a cracked wall that has laser tripwires on the other side. Keep close to her and fight any enemies from Haven Troopers that try to attack. When one of them throws a stun grenade, Akiba will be knocked out. Snake will receive a call from Otacon about this, so you have to wake Akiba up by crouching near him or simply pressing the action button.

    As soon as Johnny awakes and all of the enemies are out of sight, follow the team through the broken wall and witness as Johnny displays his competency by disarming the laser trap. Meryl's team will then go through a hole to the first floor, where you must stand in one of the two doorways behind the bar. Then, wait until the next gunfight ensues.

    At the far side of the bar, a tank will burst through the wall. After that, dozens of the Haven Troopers will show up. While using the bar for cover, take down the enemies one at a time with the help of Meryl. When there's only a few enemies left, you will be left to finish them off so make sure you've cleared the area, then follow her through the elevator.

    Then, another scene plays as each member jumps down the shaft and the only thing left for you to do is follow them and walk over to the final area.

    The final scene shows the Rat Patrol working together to finish off the Haven Troopers following an ambush. Then, Meryl will explain a little regarding the nanomachines, and she will instruct Snake about the location of Liquid's base before she leaves.

    After the codec conversation between Snake and Otacon, pick up the P90's dropped by the Troopers before making your way up the debris and on top of the crates to get to the city again.

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