MGS4 Act 1g - Liquid Sun - Crescent Meridian mission walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Liquid Sun Crescent Meridian Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 1g


    When you get to the streets, look out for a tank to appear which aims to cause more pain to the battle. Then, crawl across the street so you can enter an enclosed area on the right with a ladder resting against the wall. Use that to climb up and cross a narrow ledge until you find a perfect vantage point occupied by a soldier.

    A bomb will go off instantly killing the soldier, so replace him in the post and pick off the PMCs one by one. Also, try to attract as less attention as possible. Eventually, the tank will explode and the rebels would have restored the streets and claimed victory.

    Before the rebels could even celebrate, another skirmish ensues just down the street. Join the rebels as they crawl forward, but make sure to keep an eye on the two PMCs hiding behind the sandbags under an overhang to your west.

    There is a ladder behind them, and once you've finished them off, climb that ladder and follow it as it until you get to the next block. Then, jump down and another scene will play that will introduce you to the Beauty and the Beast Corp.

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