MGS4 Act 1h - Liquid Sun - Millennium Park mission walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Liquid Sun Millennium Park Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 1h


    Now that the Beauties have killed the soldiers, stay on the southern sidewalk and keep your guards up as you crawl towards the street to the west. Although you will find a couple of PMCs, they are focused on the northern half of the street, so you can try sneaking up behind them instead of trying to fight them off.

    When you near the barricades, cross to get to the northern side of the street and crawl to get to the end where there are sandbag barricades and mounted machine guns that have no people in them. Use that to shoot the soldiers guarding the park entrance, as well as the one on the top of the tank. Then, enter the park. Use the grass for cover as you study the area and wait until any of the PMCs to pass by.

    Then, crawl north where you can hide behind a stack of lumber. During this time, the second of two PMCs will show up, as he patrols the park walks. This is the time when you should proceed to the east side of the lumber and make your way through the wall and the small shed so you can sneak from unnoticed.

    Use the west entrance to leave the area and hug the east wall as you proceed to the northwest. Because several soldiers can be spotted here, it is best to patiently wait until you can avoid them.

    But if you want, you can also knock them down with your MK2 or other silenced weapons. When you reach the entrance to Liquid's headquarters from the east, you will meet a PMC. But it is easy to take him out, until another walks north and south, close to the checkpoint.

    Wait for the next PMC to go south so you can walk over the doorway and complete the first Act. When you do get spotted here, the best thing you can do is run towards the checkpoint, although hiding in the dumpster seem to be a tempting idea.

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