• I been excercising my pink little cheeks lately by running round on a rugby, the other day i justcame to wonder if there is any cheats for this, if anyone can help me here please do.
  • Well, you can get the British Lions squad bt beating Australia with england 50-0. This has to be at default settings.

    Thats all the type in cheats thay they have (and that isnt even really one!)

    Here are some Gameshark codes:

    (M) Must Be On ECA6E5A014446E84

    Press L2 + Up For More Time 0CD74CA61456B1FC4CD8F35A1456E7A5

    Press L2 + Down to End Half 0CD74CA61456B14C4CD8F35A14562457

    Team A Scores 0 4CC6FD541456E7A5

    Team B Scores 0 4CC6FEA01456E7A5

    Team A Scores 99 4CC6FD541456E788

    Team B Scores 99 4CC6FEA01456E788

    Well, i hoped that that helped you... ;)

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