MGS4 Act 2a - Cove Valley Village walkthrough
  • Guide to completing Cove Valley Village mission in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Solid Sun Act 2a


    You have two ways to exploring this area and it will vary depending on you want to save the captured soldiers or not. If you don't, then getting past this section should be easy. All you have to do is crawl towards the path and get to the west wall until you arrive at the exit, while making sure that you are not spotted by any PMCs. But if you want to engage in a rescue mission, then you have quite a few things to take care of.

    You will start off at the edge of a cliff, then from here you must stay cautious as you aim your MK. II or any silence weapon on a nearby soldier. After knocking him down with your silenced weapon, you must wait until another one discovers the body.

    As soon as they gather to investigate, finish off the next guy as well. Keep doing this for a couple more times, so that you would have killed four more of their guys. Then, that's the time you take down those two guarding the POWs, as well as the one taking cover from the building in front of you. As soon as they're down, you must gather all their items as well as the ones stored in the building.

    Then, the rebels will prepare for a battle that is about to take place at the power station. This is where you would end up eventually. Remember that the rebels will find it difficult to survive without some help, so if you want to win them over or want to benefit from them later on, make sure to help them out when you can.

    Cove Valley isn't very tightly guarded, so it should be easy to take out one or two PMCs using your tranquilizer darts, while the rebels deal with the rest. But if you do not want to get in between the battle of these two armies, you can always crawl along the sides, up on the rock walls, while taking down any PMCs that get in your way.

    While close to the power station entrance, proceed to the base of a hill that has a log on top. Go up the hill and hide there, and wait for any PMCs to shout out,