MGS4 Act 2b - Power Station walkthrough
  • Guide to completing Power Station mission in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Solid Sun Act 2b


    As you near the power station, you will get a call from Raiden through codec to give you some information. When the call is through, proceed down the path, past the rebels, and crawl your way up north until you reach a tiny area in the east that dips in. Then, look above you to find a couple of PMC snipers hiding and getting ready to shoot down all the rebels. You have to take these two out and proceed north, where the center of the battle is.

    Because the rebels are outgunned by the machine guns, snipers, and motors, it is looking to wipe the rebels out. So, better stay a safe distance away, then proceed to the east. Go past the large rock and log, then up and around a hill to bring you back to the Cove Village. There will be some ration near the debris, so pick that up and crawl back to the east side of the power station.

    As a few rebels make this the main point of their attack, you must help them out to eliminate any threats within the area before you enter the gate and into the compound. When you get between the brick wall and chain link fence, there are two PMCs there that you must take out. Then, get inside the computer room where you'll find some C4 and a ration.

    You can wait inside until the rebels destroy the main room's control panel (the machine that appears to be white if you turn on the night vision) or you can go and do it yourself. Once the battle is through, go out of the compound and proceed northwest where you will meet Drebin again. You will then get information from him about the Beauty and the Beast Corp and the System.

    As soon as Drebin returns, you can steal items from any of the previous areas because you might have some items you've missed along the way, since the rebels now have full control of it. After that, you will notice three exits from the power station