MGS4 Act 2c - Confinement Facility walkthrough
  • Guide to completing Confinement Facility mission in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Solid Sun Act 2c


    The eastern side of the confinement facility is witnessing a heavy gunfight. However, this particular region where you are is quiet, and the area is patrolled by a few guards. When tanks appear on the streets in attempt to get the rebels to join in, you must stay on the rock formation and out of the road.

    Be on the look out for a PMC hiding somewhere, and when you spot one use a quick CQC throw before he can alert his allies. Then, proceed towards the rock path north until you get to a small encampment that has a few soldiers and a couple of rebel POWs. If you like to save the POWs, you need to take care of the many PMCs surrounding the area, and that includes a sniper on the watchtower.

    Save the soldiers guarding the two rebels for last, because they would be easy to take out using the CQC throw. Before you leave the area, look around the main building for any items and proceed to the northeast corner and get to the mineshaft.

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