MGS4 Act 2d - Vista Mansion walkthrough
  • Guide to completing Vista Mansion mission in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Solid Sun Act 2d


    You can make jokes about Bill Gates or Microsoft because another PMC battle is going on at the Vista Mansion. And Snake has to go through this area so he can get to rescue Naomi who is held captive. But a large gate is blocking your entrance to the mansion, so you must go to the rock wall and take the path to the east.

    When you near the gate, a rebel bulldozer is used to crash through the gate before the PMCs even get to destroy it. Otacon will tell you to protect the bulldozer, however it would be best to focus on keeping yourself alive and let the rebels do the work. And through the destruction of the gate, it signifies the success of the rebels in battle in the Confinement Facility.

    So now, you can return and gather a few weapons like the FIM-92A, chaff grenades, and M870 Custom, and a few other items like instant noodles, ammo, and an iPod song.

    Meanwhile, at the Vista Mansion, you must go through the destroyed gate and follow the east wall until you see some storage crates in the northeast corner. Get in between the wall and the crates to get an iPod song and you can return to the stairs in the rear entrance of the mansion.

    Once inside, go to the door to your right and proceed to the hallway towards the west until you get to another staircase. Before climbing up the stairs, hide near the potted plants as two soldiers show up and enter the battle. Once they are a safe distance away, go up the stairs and leave the bedroom by going through the east door partly hidden by the shadows.

    Then, check out the building's northern end. Gather the ammo before jumping down through the skylight. Then, follow an underground tunnel until you reach a ladder that you must use to get to Naomi's research lab.

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