How Can I Recharge The
  • Well I got the Cloudy mirror and I alredy found some chest which I need the Cloudy Mirror to open them... My question is how the heck do I recharge that Mirror??
  • I believe that u have to change the cloudy mirror to the celestial mirror. u go to macalania woods and talk to a mother and her son near the save spot in macalania woods-south. The mom will tell u that she is supposed to meet her husband there. then go to the camp site in the woods to find her husband(he will be on the right). tell him where his wife and son are adn return to macalani woods-south. There will be a glowing path that wasnt there b4(first talk to the parents though). and then go up the glowing path and turn north until u see the boy. talk to him and use the cloudy mirror on a crystal that is behind him. the cloudy mirror will change into the celestial mirror. after that, u will be able to open those chests.

    hope that was helpful cause it took me forever!
  • Thanks a lot rollerangel!!! Now I'm able to get the Masamune, The God Hand and 2 Other chest that I found..

    ....Where does he exactly appear on the glowing path..?
  • Do you remember where that lady used to be blocking your path? Well go up that path and you'll see him and just walk up to him....or you may need to act as if you're talking with of those and your Cloudy Mirror will transmogrify(gotta love Calvin & Hobbes) into the Celestial Mirror. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.