MGS4 Act 2e - Research Lab walkthrough
  • Guide to completing Research Lab mission in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Solid Sun Act 2e


    As Naomi is held, Snake is left solely to fight against the attacks of the Haven Troopers. You will start off this level in a caution phase, and when you are spotted an alert is ignited when you stay on the ground and fight. Rather, you must proceed south and hide in the bed in the other room. Stay there and wait until a couple of Troopers appear.

    Then, use the MK. 2 to knock them out. But you have to hit them quickly before they begin searching the lab and they'd be out of your view in a long time. Once they're both on the ground, a couple more Troopers will show up from the east windows and into the doorway to the right of the bed. Therefore, you need to have your crosshairs directed towards them and blast them away as soon as they come into view.

    After that, another four Troopers will appear (still in two's) from the east room so you have to use the same strategy to easily knock them out. When you have knocked down all eight Troopers, the caution will disappear. You must make your way out the bed and start gathering all the items you can get. When the Laughing Octopus shrieks Snake's name, that signals the start of a boss fight.

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