• Okay so I bought NBA Live 08 and turns out my psp version is to old to play it and my Lan doesn't work so I hooked it up to the computer and downloaded the updated and followed the instructions of how to use it like I called it DATA and all that but when I try to run the data it says "The game could not be started. (DADADADA)" I am not running a game but do have a game in it but I take it out and it says the same thing. Help would be much appreciated
  • You may be running into a problem with the firmware update because of you renaming it. The name of the file itself should remain as EBOOT.PBP. However, the file must be saved on the memory stick a certain way for the PSP to see it and use it properly.

    Once you get the file named correctly place it inside a folder called UPDATE and place this folder inside another called PSP (if your memory stick is already formatted for the PSP these should be in there already). Then go into the System Update and it should work.
  • My mistake it was already named all that stuff but it still doesn't work..
  • Are you sure everything is in the right place (folder, names etc)....?

    And, could you tell me exactly what's happening, is it even finding the update or is there an error when downloading it...?
  • Have a look inside the GAME folder of the memory stick. If there is a folder in there called UPDATE move the eboot file in there. If it isn't there then move the UPDATE folder into the GAME folder. Just to be on the safe side, look for a folder in the GAME folder that is for the PSP game- you should be able to match it with the number that is on the spine of the case.

    It's also possible something is wrong with the firmware file. You may want to get rid of it and re-download the latest version (4.00) from our Free Downloads section.
  • Ya I didn't bother with my psp for a while i just checked up here again and i tried everything u guys told me but no it still doesn't work if u have any final tips before i send it in for repair i would gladly appreciate it

    Edit:No it's not running the update is the issue.
  • This shouldn't be a job for the tech crew to check out- I would delete the update file you have now and grab the latest version (they have since updated to 4.05). Leave the name exactly as they have it and put the file in the right folder(PSP>GAME>UPDATE). If there are any other updates in here at the time delete those.