• Hi I bought a Japanese Version PS3 and for some reason GTA4 that I bought in australia keeps saying that the video output setting wont allow me to play this game whereas Call of Duty 4 works fine which I also bought in Australia.

    can you please advise why this is happening? Thanks in advance!
  • How do you have the PS3 connected to your television? If using the standard red/white/yellow RCA cables this would be the problem.

    Australia uses PAL as their normal television standard- it is different in regards to the resolution and refresh rate than what you would use for NTSC/ J (the Japanese standard). Rockstar apparently put some sort of bit in there to detect this sort of thing and may not display quite right (hence the warning).

    If you have a tv that handles high definition resolutions (either 720p or 1080p- many games won't use 1080i) via component or HDMI switching to that will solve the problem and give you a better quality picture.

    If you only have a standard def television you may need to do a bit of a workaround using a PAL-to-NTSC converter- use a SCART cable to hook up to the input of the converter, have that run to the RCA jacks on the tv and the converter will do the rest, letting you see the action. Pain in the keister, I know, but this may be the only option if high-def is unattainable at the moment.