playstation network problems
  • I know this topic has been done to death, but i still can't connect to the playstation network!

    My router is a Billion BiPac 7560 and so far i have given the Ps3 an ip address
    (, enabled DMZ for that address, opened all the ports given in the various guides on this site, and set up the connection manually using these values and specifying the correct DNS servers, and still i get the message: The connection with playstation network timed out.

    Might this be a problem at sony's end or have i done something wrong?

  • When you say you gave the PS3 that IP address, do you mean just in the PS3's settings? You may want to go into the DHCP Client List and add the PS3 into the Permanent Table if this is the case.
  • There doesnt appear to be a DHCP client list on my router settings. If i go into advanced and click create static route, there are options asking me to input destination, subnet mask, via gateway, then a bar saying cost, with 1 in the box for it. Is that the same? My playstations ip is in a menu called ARP table, IP <> MAC list, maybe that is it...
  • The IP<>MAC List would be the same as the DHCP Client list, i believe, as you do have to use the MAC Address of the PS3 to assign i the IP address.

    This is the first time I've even heard of this brand so I can't say for sure- you may want to check the user manual to be sure. I found the .pdf of this over at Billion's web site. A Google search for your router model will turn it up first thing.
  • The manual is not being unbelievably useful I have to say, but it does seem that the ARP table (IP <> MAC list) is showing the devices that are connected, and the MAC address is correct. The table looks something like this:

    IP Address MAC Address Interface Static 00:1d:0d:f6:f4:c7 iplan no

    This is slightly odd cos it says that it is not static, which i though it had to be by definition if it has one ip address.

    Still not working though :(
  • try disabling the media server connection on your ps3 and disable the media sharing from your pc that the modem is directly connected to. i had the same problem but mine was a belkin n1 vision router. i did everything but it didnt work, i also asked lyndon for help, he gave me some useful advise and i learned a lot from him, thanx lyn. but the major problem for me was that my router needed a firmware update. i updated it then it didnt work at all.after that my laptops also didnt work aswell. i went online for help and it sed i hav to first take all the cables off my modem, then get a cocktail stick (or sumat sharp) and hold the reset button for 20 secs, take the power cable off the router (dont let go of the reset button) and wait for 20 secs, then put the power cable in (dont let go of the reset button) and wait for 20 secs. then it will go into download mode. do the same process agen and it will start working. WELL IT DID FOR ME and now it only goes off ONCE every 2 or 3 weeks. hope it helps. i know how it feels when you cant play online.
    Best of Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nice pic lyndon, not mr.bean anymore huh! not ahuman doing odd things now a stick