MGS4 BOSS - how to beat Raven
  • Guide to Beating the RAVEN boss in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots


    How to Kill Raven in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots:

    Boss: Raging Raven

    Battling Raging Raven can be quite annoying as most of your time is spent waiting for an opportunity to attack. The battle will take place on a tower that has about four or five stories, but you must stay on the highest level possible.

    As you start off on the ground floor, you will eventually run up once you've picked any of the items you need. If not, Raven will easily crash through the walls and make quick attacks that may cause your health to dip rather quickly. And because this place offers not much hiding place, you have to always dodge her attacks that might be coming from various directions.

    When you reach the top, you must equip your rifle with a scope, preferably the M14. Then, crouch down just inside the doorway that leads outside. When Raging Raven and her Sliders starts flying around, it would be tough to take them out because they are constantly in motion.

    But once you figure out or estimated the distance you need to shoot in order to register a hit, it should be much easier. After destroying a few of the Sliders, that's when Raven will show up.

    When you've not been able to make a single shot after awhile, you might be tempted to go out and be more aggressive. However, this move can be fatal for you since Raven will be able to launch her missile and knock you down, even before you were able to detect her location. You would not want this to happen so you just have to stay in the doorway, as this makes sure that the attacks come from only one direction and you have a few spots where you can cover yourself.

    As soon as the Raven appears in front of you, aim at her and shoot her so you can go back inside to avoid her attack.

    After that, you must call Otacon. Then, he will tell you that Raven's weapon will overheat when she uses it too much. When she finds this out and starts to get angry (she will become even more furious once Snake has destroyed her Sliders), you must use the extra ammo and use them to shoot the Sliders.

    As this enrages Raven, she will lose her weapon for a while. Then, she will set down on a rooftop, and that's when you can easily shoot her.

    Boss: Raging Beauty

    The Raging Beauty is similar to the previous Beauty, so you should pretty much already know what there is to know. Like the Octopus, Raven will attempt to grab you, but you can easily avoid her by simply backing up. However, make sure not to back into a corner and fire an MK. 2 or any other weapon on her.

    They are really good in dodging your bullets, but don't get frustrated easily and instead just keep on firing at them until you eventually register a hit.

    Once you've defeated the Raging Beauty, Snake will get Raven's MGL-140 grenade launcher, as well as the Raging Beauty face camo without using non-lethal weapons to defeat her.

    The boss battle also signals the end of Act Three, so there's no more chasing after this one.

    If you have a found a better way of killing Raven in MGS4, please let us know below.

  • Personally I found no need to hide at the door on the top level. I 1st always killed her 'pets' so to say then went around on the top floor. Without the other flying thingies she will not spot you that often. Then just predict her flying pattern and wait for her at a corner. It was a fun fight.

    I did use like 3 or 4 rations, but they are there to be used :)

    As for weapons, for the small fliers I used the P90 and for her I used an assalt rifle with a few granade shot at here.

    Great fight.