• i bought the ps3 only to be used for bluray play back

    however i made mistake thinking that the ps3 has component connection along with hdmi , now since the ps3 has only 1 hdmi output i am at a road block as my pre processor (nad 175) has hdmi 1.3 but my projector which is the x1 does not and needs to be connected via component for 1080i

    i was hoping to use the ps3 hdmi out for the audio (for decoding dts ma )
    but due to the single hdmi on the ps3 i am at a loss

    i am looking forward to hearing from anyone who can have a solution to my problem
  • You may have to go for the next best solution- does your audio system have an available optical cable jack? To my knowledge there is no workaround for this sort of situation right now.