MGS4 BOSS - how to beat Metal Gear Ray
  • Guide to Beating the Metal Gear Ray boss in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots


    How to kill Metal Gear Ray in Metal gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots

    Aside from the Gatling gun and the melee attacks, you also have Rex's FE Laser and AT Missiles. You can use these weapons to cycle through your items by using R2.

    But if you want, you can also stick with Rex's combo, then followed by pressing Triangle to make a special attack when you get close enough to Ray.

    The missiles and laser are both good choices of weapons, while the Gatling gun is capable of destroying Ray's missiles. So, try to mix up your attacks fro time to time to see which ones work best on certain scenarios.

    Metal Gear Ray has a few attacks on its arsenal such as the water cannon and the hailstorm of missiles. However, Metal Gear Ray will only use these attacks when given enough time to quit fighting.

    By continuing your attack, the arsenal of attacks that Ray can use will be reduced merely to charging or tackling Rex.

    The trick to securing this battle is by staying as close to Metal Gear Ray as you can. Ocelot's Ray is much quicker than the lumbering Rex, therefore by maintaining a close distance with Ray, the latter will lose that advantage.

    Rex also gains an advantage with all of the buildings and machinery in the port, thus preventing Ray from making long range attacks.

    If you have a found a better way of killing Metal Gear Ray in MGS4, please let us know below.