faulty psp - runs at 10th of normal speed??
  • my psp [about 1.5 years old] is not working properly, it turns on as normal, then after its booted up the screen flickers.. then it runs mega slow and takes ages to even select a game never mind booting or playing it. this makes my psp impossible to use unless i want to play games in slo-mo and want to wait 20 mins to get a game started.
    does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or hs anyone had it happen to them?
    i do have dark alex's firmware on it so i can play home brew games, but havnt changed the firmware in over a month or 2
  • The PSP is acting up in part due to the homebrew/ modded firmware you are running- the only fix would likely be to run the official update (and lose your homebrew).

    As an FYI, we really don't condone the use of the homebrew here as it could lead to problems like you are having now or, if something really goes amiss, leave you with a nice shiny paperweight.