• ok lets start a simpsons quiz.here's the rules:
    only the person that answered the last question can post a new question.the answer has to be approved by me before moving to the next question.and please do not post anything that would be offensive to simpsons fans.

    now who would like to post a question for the quiz?
  • Ok I'll start it for you SS

    Who is Homer's Supervisor at the power plant in the year 2010?? ;)
  • I belive that would be millhouse.

    please do not post anything that would be offensive to simpsons fans[/b]

    Yeah right, Like that will ever hapen :lol:
  • Originally posted by Fat_Jiffy@Jul 9 2002, 03:02 PM
    Ok I'll start it for you SS

    Who is Homer's Supervisor at the power plant in the year 2010?? ;)

    tough one!i never seen that episode,so if someone answers check if they're correct for me.
  • Originally posted by SSGoku@Jul 9 2002, 05:17 PM
    the answer has to be approved by me before moving to the next question.

    Umm... Why? The very first question you didn't even know the answer to and you expect every answer to be approved by you? Not likely, the person that asked the the question would obviously know the answer.
  • Originally posted by Rex77+Jul 9 2002, 05:55 PM-->QUOTE(Rex77 @ Jul 9 2002, 05:55 PM)
    @Jul 9 2002, 05:17 PM
    the answer has to be approved by me before moving to the next question.

    Umm... Why? The very first question you didn't even know the answer to and you expect every answer to be approved by you? Not likely, the person that asked the the question would obviously know the answer.[/b][/quote]
    well why don't you answer the next question?!
  • Hey Knowze

    That is the corect answer buddy,

    Take it away the floor is yours, mind the inanimate carbon rod :D
  • ehhhxcellent,

    Who is/was Madam Shabooboo?
  • That would be Frank, Homer's cousin. He joined a cult and became Mother (not Madam) Shabooboo.
  • Um...yes, I, er, see that you, er, saw past the little, er, test I put there :rolleyes:
    The floor is yours Yoshi
  • Post carefully fellow members. Any trivia thread which must have all answers approved by an arbitrary member smacks of foul play, certainly of bad form.
  • Whoops, sorry guys, forgot I had to do the next question :blink:
    allright, here it is... What is the name of the comic book store owner?
  • Comic Book Guy?

    Probably not what you were looking for, but who cares?
  • Nope :) It's a tricky one...

    -edit- His name doesn't appear on any of the shows as far as i know, but if you watched some simpsons specials or searched the internet you should be able to know it.
  • Well im pretty sure his name hasnt been revealed as of yet.. but they're have been references to "Louis Lane"..
  • You are correct dwa, Louis Lane should be his name. Matt Groening said this in an interview. Well, go ahead. The floor is yours. B)
  • Here goes!

    What was Ned Flanders job before he opened the Leftorium?
  • He doesn't really say his job,

    He says he is just quitting his job in pharmacueticals (Spelling)

    Hope thats the answer you are looking for ;)
  • thats it jiffy. floors yours!
  • Thanks dwa

    Here we go

    What was the name of Grandpa Simpsons Army squad from WWII??

    Probably very easy for the true fanatics :D
  • If I'm not misstaking... The flying Hellfish. B)
  • Thought it may have been a little too easy. ;)

    Take it away Yoshi the floor is now yours :D
  • This should be a easy one... Who shot Burns?
  • Maggie!
  • Jup, that's right dwa. The floor is yours :)
  • Since it's been nearly a week without a question (and i've only just found this thread) mind if i ask a question and set the ball rolling again?

    What was Santa's Little Helper's former name? (before he became Santa's Little Helper)

    Shouldn't be too hard i don't think :)
  • He answered to No. 8
  • Obviously it wasn't hard at all :D Nice one B_M! ;) The floor is as they say, all yours...
  • Thanks Fluff!

    Here's an easy one(for fans not tv surfers LOL)

    Where was Laddie bred and trained?
  • Am i correct in thinking Laddie was bred in Vermont? :)

    Nice little two-way quiz we've got here B_M, come on ppl feel free to join in aswell! I'm sure we're not the only two Simpson's fans in the forums!
  • Winner!!! ok son here's your prize now get outta here kid you bother me LOL nice job fluff my man....the floor is all yours(heavenly music plays)
  • Ok then.... here's the next question!

    Who can spell, Apu's last name correctly?!


    He he! Good luck!
  • Apu's last name is Nahasapeemapetilon, one of my favourite characters.
  • LOL! Well done Rex, did you just so happen to know that or was there a little bit of research involved? ;) Good going, the floor is all yours! :P
  • Well this question asked in the "Total Trivia" thread by myself. So I did know the answer but had to double check the spelling. :blink:

    So here is my question.

    The Simpsons did not start off on there own show, they started off as mini-show within another show. What show was that?

    Good luck.
  • The Tracey Ullman show
  • Well that was quick, thought it would have been harder than that. Well anyway Yoshi, your turn. Can ya make it harder than mine? :lol: ;)
  • Allright, here's the new question....... How high was Homers IQ after the crayon is removed from his brain?
  • I think that I have the answer Yoshi

    " Is there no place for a man with a 105 IQ. "

    105 is my answer :D
  • Yup, that's right. Go ahead Fat Jiffy. :)
  • Thanks Yoshi

    Here we will try and make it a bit harder.

    What does the bumper sticker on the back of Troy McClures car say??

    Good Luck :D
  • Ok no ones answered so I 'll ask a new one.

    The answer was Follow me to the Aquarium

    Here's the new question.

    Who does Principal Skinners Mom date for and Episode??

    Hope this one is a bit easier.

    Thought everyone would remeber Troy McClure's Fish Fetish ;)
  • The answer would be Superintendent Chalmers.

    Did I get it? Huh, huh, huh?
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Aug 8 2002, 12:52 AM
    Superintendent Chalmers.

    Did I get it? Huh, huh, huh?

    Not quite the answer I was looking for but I will give it to you anyway.

    I was actually talking about the episode when she shacked up with the Comic Book Guy.

    But technically she did date Superintendent Chalmers,so.....

    I guess after mcuh deliberation the judging panel has said that we will deem that answer as being correct. :D

    After all that take it away Rex the floor is yours ;)
  • Thank you judges,

    What name did Bart make up for the boy trapped in the well?
  • That one's pretty easy Rex

    Cause we're sending our love down a well
    All the way down
    Yes we're sending our love down a well

    I think I'll have a guess and say Timmy O'Toole

    Shut Up Marge he's a good digger ;)
  • Get scubbin' boy cause this floor is yours.

    Ummm... I was trying to chew through my leg but ahh... I couldn't make it through my sock, goodnight.
  • Thank you, Thank you, Try the veal I'm here till Thursday!! :lol:

    In the Who shot Mr Burns episode's who becomes the schools new music teacher??

    Get to work B)
  • I'll take a guess by saying Tito Puente...
  • Yeah it's definatly tito puente coz he sez his idea of revenge was singig that song :P
  • Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi's not here man.....

    It's so funny cause he does'nt even know it's Yoshi ;)

    That answer is correct.

    Take it away Yoshi :D
  • Allrighty, here we go... What is the real name of principal Skinners real name??
  • Urm, I may get the spelling wrong on this, does that matter?

    Arman Tangerian, or something that sounds similar.... :(
  • Well, it's Arman Tanzarian, but it's close enough... Damn that one didn't last 5 minutes...
    Ah well, the floor is yours Newish!
  • It lasted 7 minutes actually! :P

    This will probably go even quicker, it's all I can think of:

    Homer Simpson

    What is Homer's middle name?
  • Yep GK, you are correct! The floor is yours!

  • GK, are you coming with a new question??? It's been a week now...
  • Ok sorry about that.

    Im not getting any good questions so what was barts first word.
  • Homer

    If it wasn't for this line here this would be my shortest post ever.
  • Man that took long.

    Youre turn
  • What denomination of bill did Bart and Milhouse find prior to buying a Super Squishy?
  • A 20 dollar bill, if I remember correctly.
  • Well none of these questions are lasting very long. Your go Yoshi.
  • Yea your right rex, but that probably because we're all die-hard simpsons fans here... :D

    Allright here's the new question... Why did Homer start smoking marijuana?
  • After the crows started pecking at him :lol: man that was funny

    Homer was prescribed medicinal marijuana for the pain from eye injuries :D
  • Correct! The crows tried to drink his eye-liquid... Auch. Well Fat Jiffy, the floor is yours :ph34r:
  • This is a fairly simple one for the Simpsons fans :D

    What was the happiest day of Ralph Wiggums life??
  • The day he took Lisa Simpson on a date? (he thought)
  • I believe it was the day that the doctors said he doesnt have worms anymore.
  • Close wb he has had so many in his short and fulfilled life,

    But gabriel Knight has chimed in with the right answer.

    Take it away Mr Knight B)
  • D'oh!!! :lol:
  • Sorry this took so long.

    What magazine did Homer find fascinating.
  • Reading Digest... I think. :unsure:
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Sep 9 2002, 09:03 PM
    Reading Digest... I think. :unsure:

    Nope sorry.
  • Readers Digest?
  • Originally posted by Knowze Gungk@Sep 11 2002, 11:38 PM
    Readers Digest?


    Hint:It has nothing to do with food.
  • Originally posted by gabriel knight+Sep 13 2002, 12:21 AM-->QUOTE(gabriel knight @ Sep 13 2002, 12:21 AM)
    [quote]<!--QuoteBegin-Knowze Gungk</i>
    @Sep 11 2002, 11:38 PM
    Readers Digest?


    Hint:It has nothing to do with food.
    Actually I think Rex is right, I seem to recall that they called the mag
    Reading Digest so as not to infringe on any copyright laws.
    It was the episode where Lisa entered an essay contest through the mag and
    won a trip Washington, D.C....& so on & so forth.

    Perhaps we are thinking of different episodes but Rex did answer the question
    correctly, even if it wasn't the answer you were looking for. You should
    always take into account that there could be multiple, but equally correct
    answers for every question asked.

    (BTW Readers Digest isn't about food. It's about short stories, jokes and innovative ideas...or something like that)
  • Hmmm, i have seen that episode but im not sure he said fascinating about reading digest.

    Anyhow the answer i was looking for was Blue pants weekly.

    Rex the floor is youres.
  • Well I don't feel right doing this since I didn't get the answer right, technically.

    But I will go ahead since Gabe has given the floor to me.

    What were the three things used to help clear Krusty the Clown on charges of armed robbery?

    Could be an easy one, couldn't think of anything else right off the top of my head. :(
  • Is the answer that he had very short feet, was left handed (well used a different hand to sideshow bob) and there was something about surgery?

    havent seen this episode in years....
  • Well I feel stupid now, Majik you posted one that I did not think of; nor do I remember now. Please refresh my memory on the ones you listed.

    EDIT: Heard a good quote tonight on The Simpsons...

    Ralph walks into the adult section of the comic book store and says...

    "Everybody is hugging!"
    :lol: That was freakin' hilarious, even though I have seen the episode before.
  • Could you say if majik goes next or not since this thread hasnt been going for a long time.
  • Well the answers I was looking for were...

    1. Sideshow Bob was using the microwave despite the fact that Krusty has a pacemaker.
    2. Krusty has small feet whereas Sideshow Bob has very large feet.
    3. Sideshow Bob was reading a magazine despite the fact that Krusty is illiterate.

    The floor is available to the next person who has a question.
  • What kind of "Imagination Christmas" gifts were Rod and Todd expecting after Ned Flanders sent Homer and Bart to a Hawaiian leper's colony?
  • I believe that Rod got a pogo-stick and Todd got a hulla-hoop. Rod and Todd sooo cool. B) :lol:
  • Nicely done, Rex. You're up.....
  • I am actually surprised that I got that one. Haven't seen that episode for quite some time.

    In the episode where the children of Springfield Elementary get trapped on an island, what kind of food does Ralph try to race down the aisle of the bus?
  • I think it was a grape.
  • Was it an orange or a banana? ;) I think it was one of those two........................................................I think anyway.
  • Gabe - nope.

    UZ - please when answering a question only give one guess/answer. I don't know which one you want to use as your answer.
  • Was it a lime then
  • C'mon think! I'll give ya a hint one of my favourite Ralph quotes is...

    GO ______! You gotta remember that Ralph is kinda a special boy.
  • In that case it is a banana.
  • DING, DING, DING!!! Finally you got it. Go ahead ask away.
  • What is Disco-Stu addicted to.
  • I believe that would be dancing about everywhere.
  • Not even close.
  • Is he addicted to coke
  • Is he addicted to Marge?

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