Cannot Play Some Online Games
  • Sorry If This Is Posted In The Wrong Area,Im A n00b To The Absolute Playstation Network.

    Basicly, i Cannot Play Some Online Games,Such Examples Of Games Being Battlefield Bad Company Demo:D And Metal Gear Solid 4,Online:notworthy:.
    I Can Play War Hawk And I Have Not Checked My Other Games......Might It Be A Particular Firewall That Is Blocking A Particular Router....Maybe My Ports Are Not Set For The Correct No.....I Have A Netopia 3D Wireless Connection............Also What Is The Playstation Network Listed As Under Service Names......It Is Not Listed As Playstation Network,Could It Be DNS Or Possibly HTTP....Sorry Again If This Is Posted In The Wrong Area......And I Know I Talk A Lot But I Am Desperate For Some Help:laugh:
  • You may need to check the manuals that came with the particular games that are giving trouble. While the ports I have listed in numerous threads here work for most games, sometimes third party publishers may use other ports other than the ones listed by Sony.

    You most likely won't find an entry in Service Names for the PlayStation Network unless you entered one yourself. The closest you may find is PlayStation 2, as that router was most likely released before the PS3 or the PlayStation network took shape.