Dark Matters, Fortune Spheres, Supreme Gems, Etc
  • Well, I need to know where to get these items because some them give great abiliyies and attacks... for example the Dark Matters give the Break Damage Limit and the Supreme Gems make the Aeons learn Ultima so does anyone knoe where to get them??
  • At some point, if i'm not mistaken then the Monster Arena owner will give you some Dark Matter's after you finish a certain area(can't recall which one though). Yout can also get them from Kottos in the Area Creations section of the Monster Arena(4x win). To get Supreme Gems you can bribe Halma's in the Omega Ruins for 260k gil for 20x or you can win them off of Jormungand in the Area Creations at a x4 frequency rate.....That's the best you'll see for that. Fortune Spheres can be won off of Earth Eater in the Monster arena at x2 so it'll take time to build up a collection. If you want others than you will need to be specific and name which ones you want because i am not in the mood to search for every rare item.....unless i know what i'm looking for. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well, now I'm looking for is Wings to Discovery, Winning Formula, Pendulums and all the kinds of items that have the follwing descripton... "There's seem to be a way to use this..."
  • Alrighty, you're going to be looking for the special items....

    Musk - x4 steal or x5(RARE) steal from Floating Death
    Hypello Potion - x50 bribe from Shred(39,000 gil)
    Shining Thorn - x10 bribe from Larva(29,960 gil)
    Pendulum - x99 bribe(Ultima Weapon), x2 win Neslug
    Amulet - x2 bribe from Tonberry(270,000 gil)
    Designer Wallet - steal(RARE) Don Tonberry, Cactuar King/ x2 win Catastrophe
    Door to Tomorrow - x2 win Bomb King
    Wings to Discovery - x4 bribe Malboro, x8 bribe Great Malboro
    Gambler's Spirit - steal(regular creations - Nemesis), x2 win Ornitholestes
    Underdog's Secret - x2 win Th'uban
    Winning Formula - x15 bribe from Sand Worm(900,000)

    Yes, that is where you can get these items. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.