Gt5 prolouge help ( online )
  • I have recently bought a wireless router, and i got war hawk, motor storm, pro street ect. but gt5 will not work, i try to download the update but it will say there is an error 20% of the way through. It's no specific error, just says. Error downloading failed. :confused:

    so yea iam clueless, iam using a Belkin G Mimo+ wireless router f.y.i.
  • For the moment all i can think of is to double check your settings in the router (port forwarding and such) to make sure everything is as it should be. The problem may lie within the server itself, though, in wich case all you can do is try again later.

    How long has this been happening?
  • well I tried a day ago, and another time today, but yesterday it could not even prepare the download but today it made it to about 20 % :confused:
  • Quick question- what sort of signal strength is the PS3 picking up from the router? Maybe the problem is there- not getting enough of the wi-fi to maintain a steady connection.
  • if its for the update its just a bit of an issue just keep trying dont do the update till your fully in the game then do it and just keep trying took me about five attemps
  • same here, no particular reason, took about 6 attempts to actually get the update.

    Persevere, or do what i did, get the update, play the game, realisr it was tosh and trade it for GTAIV!!!!!!!!!