Spider-man 2 help
  • Okay I know this is kind of silly as it is an older game and I should have it figgered it out by now, however, I just can't seem to get the last pizza mission (20) figgered out. The closest I've got was 5 seconds over the time I was given and I've been trying for 2 weeks straight. I was just wondering if anyone had a trick or something that worked for you I could try. I have all 8 web upgrades so, that's not helping. Any ideas, just to be a bit faster. One thing I know I struggle with is gaining forward momentum which could entirely be my problem. Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much. Bre.
  • I'm afraid there's no set way to do it Bre. All i can find is that having the Level 8 Swing Speed upgrade (it seems like you've already got that) makes it a lot easier.

    I would suggest that you just keep on trying, find the fastest route and stick to it. Hopefully you're time will improve more and more after a while until you finally crack it. Good luck...!:)